1871 – Yavapai’s attack Wickenburg stage; driver, passengers killed

wikenburg massacre

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November 5
1861- Colorado Territory- Central City is chosen as the capital.

1870- Nevada- the Central Pacific’s No. 1, only 20 hours after being robbed in Verdi, Nevada, is robbed again about 385 miles from Verdi. The train robbers take $4,000 in gold and silver.

loring1871- Arizona Territory – the Wickenburg Massacre took place when a party of 15 Yavapai warriors, who were sometimes mistakenly called Apache-Mohaves, waylaid the Wickenburg-La Paz stage on a blind bend a few miles west of Wickenburg, Arizona Territory. The stage driver and five of the seven passengers were killed. Among them was Frederick Wadsworth Loring, pictured left, a young writer from Boston who had been sent as a correspondent for Appleton’s Journal. Passenger Kruger kept the attackers at bay with his six-gun until the Apaches quit the attack. Kruger and a young woman named Mollie Shepherd were picked up by another stage. Mollie died a few days later when her wounds became infected.

1874 – Texas- (Red River War) While scouting for Col Ranald S. Mackenzie’s column of 4th Cavalry, Lt William A. Thompson and nine Indian scouts attacked a Comanche camp near Laguna Tahoka. Two Indians were killed, and 26 horses and mules captured.

1877- Cheyenne, Wyoming- Canada Bill, a three-card monte shark, is reported dead.

1878- Prescott, Arizona Territory- Virgil Earp, who had already started a sawmill, and worked part time as Deputy Sheriff, was elected Constable of the Prescott Precinct.

1905 – Silver screen actor Joel (Albert) McCrea is born. Ride the High Country, The Oklahoman, Four Faces West, Buffalo Bill, Barbary Coast, Wichita Town. McCrea passed away Oct 20, 1990.

1911 – Silver screen actor Leonard Slye is born, AKA Roy Rogers ‘King of the Cowboys’: actor: 85+ westerns, The Roy Rogers Show, The Roy Rogers & Dale Evans Show; singer: Happy Trails to You; passed away July 6, 1998.

November 6
1858- a constitution for the “Territory of Jefferson” is adopted. This territory eventually becomes the state of Colorado.

1868- The Red Cloud War officially ends.

1869- Evans, Colorado Territory- Jack Carr is dissatisfied with his dinner at Daniel Steele’s hotel and after becoming loud and abusive to the Steele family his money is refunded and he is asked to leave. Carr returns with a revolver and kills Daniel Steele. A trial is quickly arranged and he is pronounced guilty and was promptly hung from the nearest tree.

1874- Texas- Near McClellan’s Creek a detachment of the 8th Cavalry attack Gray Beard’s Cheyenne camp rescuing 6 year old Julia and 4 year old Adelaide Germaine. The Germaine girls had been kidnapped from a wagon train in Kansas the previous spring. 4 Indians and 2 soldiers are killed.

1874 – Texas- (Red River War) Lt Henry J Farnsworth and a detachment of Company H, 8th Cavalry, marching from the Indian Territory under Lt Col John W Davidson, were on a scout to McClellan’s Creek when ambushed by Cheyenne under Gray Beard. The detachment conducted a defensive action, losing two soldiers killed and four wounded.

1876- New Mexico Territory- Englishman John Tunstall arrives in Lincoln County.

bat masterson1877- Kansas- Bat Masterson, pictured left, is elected sheriff of Ford County, which included Dodge City.

1890- Wyoming- Fort Bridger is officially abandoned as the last troops leave.

1891- Fort Riley, Kansas- Comanche, the only horse of Custer’s 7th Cavalry to survive the 1876 Battle of Little Big Horn, dies. You can see him on display at the University of Kansas. They must have fed him well, because he’s stuffed!

1895- Oklahoma Territory – Bill Dunn and his four brothers Bee, Dal, Calvin, and George often operated as bounty hunters. But the Dunn brothers were better known as the proprietors of a road ranch outside Ingalls, Okla., where passing travelers were waylaid after being put up for the night. On May 2, 1895, two desperados known as Charley Pierce and Bitter Creek Newcomb arrived at the Dunn ranch to spend the night. As they stabled their horses, Bill and one of his brothers ambushed them outside the barn to collect the $5,000 bounty on Newcomb in Guthrie. Later that year, the people of the county grew angry over Dunn’s tactics. On this date Dunn answered his critics by blaming Deputy Sheriff Frank Canton for the brutal way in which Newcomb and Pierce had been killed. In the streets of Pawnee, Canton confronted Dunn. Dunn drew first, but Deputy Canton fired a .45-caliber slug into Dunn’s forehead, killing him instantly.

1896- Oklahoma Territory- Frank M. Canton (1849-1927) U.S., lawman-gunman worked for Judge Isaac Parker at this time. Outlaw Bill Dunn, a friend of the Shelley brothers, who was being hunted by Canton, rode into Pawnee, Oklahoma Territory on this date, cornering Canton as the lawman was about to enter the courthouse. “Damn you, Canton,” cried Dunn, “I’ve got it in for you!” He made a motion toward his gun but the lightning-fast Canton flung a six-gun from his waistband and fired a single shot which struck Dunn square in the forehead. The outlaw fell backward, pulling out his gun as he fell but he died before he could fire a shot.

1908, San Vicente, Bolivia- Butch and the Sundance Kid are believed by many to have been killed in a shootout with local authorities.

1910- Lansing, Michigan-Roy Daughterty, AKA Arkansas Tom, of the Doolin-Dalton gang is paroled.

November 7
1859- Jefferson Territory (Colorado)- The General Assembly meets in Denver to set the territory government in operation.

1876- Texas- Johnny Ringo and George Glidden are arrested, ending the “HooDoo War” in Texas. The feud began over a year earlier with cattle rustlings. The HooDoos were night-riding vigilantes who disguised themselves with hoods and boot-black.

holliday and earp1881- Tombstone, Arizona Territory- Wyatt Earp and Doc Holliday, left, are jailed to await their hearing in the wake of the O.K. Corral gunfight.

1882- Fort Laramie, Wyoming- residents experience an earthquake.

1885- Canada- the last spike was driven at Craigellachie, British Columbia, completing the Canadian Pacific Railway’s transcontinental line.

1893- Colorado becomes the second state to give women the right to vote.


November 8
1861- Colorado Territory- Denver is incorporated.

1870- Colorado Territory – a Denver newspaper reports that an unidentified Kickapoo was killed after he tied one end of a lasso around his waist and threw a loop over the smokestack of a Kansas-Pacific train traveling 40 miles per hour.

1871 – Texas- Col Ranald S. Mackenzie and the 4th Cavalry conclude the second expedition to the Staked Plains begun on Sept 24. The final action occurred on Oct 15.

winnipeg1873- Canada- the small community of Winnipeg (originally known as Fort Garry) incorporated to become western Canada’s first city.

1874 – Texas- (Red River War) From Col Nelson Miles’ column, Lt Frank D Baldwin and detachments of Company D, 6th Cavalry, and Company D, 5th Infantry, while escorting wagons to pick up supplies, found Gray Beard’s Cheyenne camp on McClellan Creek. Baldwin put his infantry in the empty wagons, attacked the camp, and pursued the Indians for ten miles. The surprised Indians abandoned the village and left most of their property intact. Riding through the deserted camp, Billy Dixon and other army scouts noticed movement in a pile of buffalo hides; they were astonished to find two white captives, Julia and Addie German, both emaciated and near starvation. They and their two older sisters, Catherine and Sophia, had been captured when their family was attacked on September 10, 1874. Catherine and Sophia were subsequently rescued from another band of Cheyennes, and the four German sisters were reunited at Fort Leavenworth. Lt Baldwin earned his second Congressional Medal of Honor for this action.

1876- Tie Siding, Wyoming- Mary Davis becomes the 1st woman in the United States to be elected a justice of the peace.

1878- A brother of the more celebrated Joel Collins, William Collins, began robbing trains after his brother Joel was killed by lawmen in 1877. Following a train robbery in Mesquite, Texas, Collins fled north on horseback, a posse tracking him through Colorado, Wyoming, the Black Hills, and then into Canada. U.S. marshal Bill Anderson alone finally cornered Collins in Pembina, Manitoba, Canada. On this date, both Collins and Anderson faced each other, drawing their six-guns, advancing on each other, and emptying their revolvers at the same time. Both died from their wounds. Anderson’s body was shipped back to Texas and his widow was given the $10,000 reward posted for Collins. The outlaw’s body was buried in Pembina.

1881- Colorado- vote makes Denver the state captitol.

1882- Montana Territory- Indian scouts report they killed two hostile Indians at Toullock’s Fork.

1886- Jetmore, Kansas- Sam Purple murders his wife and two children. He is lynched by a mob.

1887- Glenwood Springs, Colorado- gunman Doc Holliday died of consumption. He was given six months to two years to live at most when he was diagnosed in 1872 with tuberculosis. A truly amazing feat when considering the rough life he lived with the heavy drinking extreme heat in Arizona and cold and damp in Denver and Deadwood. He even suffered for over two years gambling in Leadville, Colorado, where the altitude of over 10,000 made his T.B. much worse.

1887- Tucson, Arizona- returning from a campaign against the Apache’s General Nelson Miles receives a hero’s welcome.

1889- Montana becomes the 41st state.

1893- Colorado – women were granted the right to vote.

1901- Wyoming – Wild Bunch member Ben Kilpatrick, AKA The Tall Texan, Kilpatrick, with Laura Bullion, alias Della Rose, one of the female camp followers of the gang, traveled east but were captured by detectives in St. Louis. More than $7,000 from the Wagner robbery was found in Kilpatrick’s suitcase. He was then using the alias of Benjamin Arnold. Kilpatrick confessed his part in the Wagner robbery but would offer no information about his fellow bandits. On Dec. 12, 1901, he was sentenced to fifteen years in the federal penitentiary at Atlanta. Laura Bullion was given a five-year sentence in a women’s prison in Tennessee.

1916- Montana- Republican Jeannette Rankin became the first woman elected to Congress.

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