7 Steps to reach inbox bliss

As a busy CEO and founder, I receive hundreds of emails every day and send around 50 myself. Yet at the end of the day, my inbox is empty. I follow a principle called Inbox Zero. No, I don’t have an assistant managing my emails. And no, Inbox Zero is not just a dream – it can be done.

Why should you keep your email inbox empty? The benefits are many:

  • You won’t miss an important email again when you use the Inbox Zero method.
  • You won’t leave people hanging because you’ll respond to each email in a timely manner.
  • You won’t become a bottleneck in your organization.
  • You won’t feel stressed about thousands of emails in your inbox.
  • You respect others by responding to them promptly.
  • You’re able to feel great knowing that you have nothing else to do so you can get on with more creative, fulfilling tasks.

Here’s a list of my email habits that made this possible. I basically use the traditional Inbox Zero approach and add a slight twist.

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