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We hope you like what you're reading, will forward it to your friends, and subscribe for free delivery of our future efforts. We will bring you stories and features the others don’t, or don’t ever quite finish, with an accent on Southern Arizona, which is much more than Greater Tucson.

Our National and International coverage will come primarily from the most trustworthy of Old Media sources, The Christian Science Monitor. Most of what’s left of the nation’s once great papers now just cut and paste content. We figure we can do at least as well with a great source like the Monitor.

The Opinion section clearly reflects our Center-Right position with regular national columnists Michael Barone and Thomas Sowell.We add to the mix a group of other perspectives such as the Gatestone Institute, the Rutherford Institute, columnist Avik Roy and the international consortium of Project Syndicate. The iconic Sam Smith, from the real left as editor/founder of DC's Progressive Review, keeps us honest. We’ll also bring you local political cartoons from Gerry Cross, and the national perspective of Michael Ramirez.

Our Lifestyle section will cover a lot of ground from fine arts to television and Sunday book reviews while The West spotlights our unique Western heritage.

There’ll be more categories added as we grow. To do that, we need your support. We hope to earn it by giving you the coverage you want.

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Editor-in-Chief: Emil Franzi 

News Editor: Harry Alexander

Digital Operations Director: Meredith Munger

Digital Editor: Brooke Jensen


Dr. Dave Mason, computer guru

Bruce Ash

Michael F. Blake

Jim Craig

Jonathan Hoffman 

Tom Danehy

Joe Dreyfuss

Al Petrillo

Ed Rampell

James Reel

James Sandefer

Mark Spear

Hoyt S. Vandenberg, Jr.

Reporter Emeritus:  Chris Limberis

Email: thegang@soaznewsx.com

Telephone: 520 762 7263

Twitter: @SoAzNewsX

Facebook: http://www.facebook.com/SoAZNewsX

Snail Mail: PO Box 2128, Tucson, Arizona 85702

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