By a 6-0 vote, the Tucson Mayor and Council denied permission to Sam’s Club to construct an over 100,000 square foot store at the corner of Irvington and I-10. 

No environmental or historical preservation issues were directly cited, nor was there loud opposition from local neighborhood activists. The reason was much simpler than that.

Sam’s Club maintained it could not operate successfully in a building less than 100,000 square feet. The City of Tucson has a “Big Box” ordinance that declares  any retail establishment over 100,000 square feet to be a social bad. 

In short, narrow leftist dogma will deny those in the neighborhood better shopping and more jobs because the snot-impacted elites have deemed the product evil. 

We remind you that the Council that stands tall on Sam’s Club rolled over like a sick puppy when the University of Arizona decided to block out the view of the sun for their neighbors with the construction of high rise dormitories much more offensive than a south side retail park. 

This also raises the real question about the supposed pro-business stance of Mayor Rothschild and his new wingman, Councilman Kozacik. Both have apparently regressed to the posture of the leftwing hacks who put the town in the bottom rank for economic development and the highest rank for poverty.

Guess those folks who would’ve built and worked in that new store didn’t really need THOSE jobs, huh?

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