We have written about the total failure of those in charge of higher learning elsewhere to grasp the meaning of the First Amendment by establishing hokey “free speech” zones in little corners of college campuses and banning it elsewhere.
Guess what -  The University of Arizona has them too with the same repulsive policy libertarians, conservatives and many enlightened liberals and progressives find a mockery of constitutional rights.
Here’s our question. Why hasn’t somebody from either party in the state legislature or one of the appointees of either Governor Brewer or Napolitano to the State Board of Regents even asked about it?
We suspect that university administrators, being herd animals, have similar policies at ASU and NAU.
Perhaps the Board of Regents could park their current sycophancy over giving University Presidents huge and unneeded bonuses for a bit and ask them why they are stifling the free speech rights of their students by maintaining these blatantly disgusting examples of state oppression?
And maybe supposedly conservative Republican State School Superintendent John Hupperthal could stop promoting Common Core/aka Arizona College and Career Ready Standards for a bit and check out the community colleges.
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