By Emil Franzi

Tucson City Councilman Paul Cunningham’s chief of staff, Katy Bolger, had a bad night last week when per TPD incident reports she drunkenly staggered into traffic near 5th Avenue and Helen and was almost hit by a cop car.


Her night got a lot worse when she decided to verbally berate the officer for almost hitting her, verbally trashed both he and the backup officer, had to be physically restrained, refused to sign the jaywalking ticket and was booked into the Pima County Jail. She made the story much more relevant when she told the arresting officers that she was a very important City employee and they would get into trouble for busting her.


Copies of the police report dribbled through the internet and several talk radio types went with it, myself included, along with the Tucson Weekly. The most significant portions beyond her drunken belligerence was her attitude that she was more important than other mortals and the report that Councilman Cunningham said he would handle the matter “internally”.


First point: Paul, you need to handle the matter of a publicly drunken aide berating the cops and demanding privilege from the position you gave her as public as she was. In fact, Paul, you should have her canned her – publicly. And  apologized to not just TPD but the whole community for the bad attitude she showed and the bad judgement you had for hiring her in the first place.


Second, bigger point: The Arizona Daily Star and most other Old Media have chosen not to cover this story at all, lending even more credence to the charges that they have double standards and are too often shills for Democrats like Cunningham.


But something even worse occurred as a follow up to this. There is a totally unsupported claim made in a rather disreputable website that Councilman Kozacik was seen publicly urinating. This is the same hit sheet that similarly smeared Supervisor Ray Carroll last summer with the claim that an “anonymous source” told them he has solicited a bribe from them. In both cases, this website claims that they cannot divulge the name of the accuser because they “fear retaliation”. Right.


Now unlike the warmed over gypsy shock jocks who have repeated this claim about Kozacik, some of us have been around long enough to know better than to run with a story this dirty that somebody claims somebody told them about with no real proof. (HINT: a picture of a wet spot on a wall doesn;t count.) While I realize feeling against Kozacik runs high on the right (I’ve stoked some of it myself) the public peeing story has no credibility whatsoever and those repeating it should be ashamed of themselves and knock it off.


We wonder if the use of these types of anonymous smears would pass muster with the legal departments of their respective media corporations such as Clear Channel and Journal Broadcasting. The First Amendment is broad when it comes to slamming public figures but the laws of slander and libel are still applicable.


But worse, this kind of garbage pollutes the brand of conservative talk radio and websites and the GOP image when the party carries, supports and worse, parrots  them.

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James Kelley
# James Kelley
Wednesday, April 03, 2013 9:20 PM
Has the Koz denied it publicly? I haven't heard.As to the Katy Bolger incident, I've lost jobs for less, she has to go.

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