AZ Dem said he wants to punch female colleague in throat over school choice bill

Arizona State Rep. Jesus Rubalcava

From Truth Revolt

Arizona Democrat, Jesus Rubalcava, said he “wanted to punch” his female Republican colleague “in the throat” over her stance on school choice legislation.

State Rep. Rubalcava justified his violent urges by saying he was enraged by how Republican state Sen. Debbie Lesko was “prancing around” when her legislation passed. The Free Beacon summarized the Democrat’s comments:

“I wanted to punch her in the throat,” Rubalcava wrote on his Facebook page.

Rubalcava initially declined to apologize for the violent statement, but has since deleted his post and expressed remorse.

I was raised in a household where violence was not tolerated; especially against woman. I apologize to @DebbieLesko for my FB post.

— Jesus Rubalcava (@Rubalcava4House) April 13, 2017

Lesko said that she didn’t even know who Rubalcava was, but that the “threat of physical violence is not something I expect from my colleagues.”

Lesko’s bill, passed by the legislature and signed by Republican Gov. Doug Ducey last week, made all of Arizona’s students eligible for the state’s voucher system.

Rubalcava is currently under investigation by the Arizona Citizens Clean Elections Commission for possible violations during the 2016 election such as failing to disclose payments made to family members who worked on his campaign, according to the Arizona Capital Times

Liberals are always up in arms over anything they perceive as even being remotely misogynistic. Except when they themselves are the misogynists.



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