Ben Crystal: Hurricane high heels

By Ben Crystal

It goes without saying that America — indeed, the world — would be a better place if disasters like Hurricane Harvey and its attendant devastation never happened. You’d have to be pretty much devoid of a soul to celebrate the images of devastation and death pouring out of Texas. However, it is possible to find a silver-lining in the aftermath… even if it is heavily waterlogged.

Even in these darkest of times, the magnificence of our fellow Americans shines a light which not even the rain, floods and even floating fire ant colonies (seriously) can extinguish. As the storm raged, our fellow Americans raced into the danger, heedless of the heartbreak and horror unfolding amidst the waves. While the hurricane spared no one based on race, creed or color, neither did the heroes ignore them. Race was no factor to the armada of Americans who sped into the danger zone to save their fellow Americans. Young black men saved old white women.  Middle-aged rednecks rescued Latino families. Senior citizens delivered children and vice versa. There were no political, social or religious restrictions in effect. When humanity needed an armada, humanity formed one. People risked their lives for other people, period; it was magnificent.

You would think that tales of heroism amidst the horror would dominate the news cycle. What could be more compelling than Americans putting aside their differences to literally risk, and, in some cases, give their lives to save their brothers and sisters from a deluge which was just a few gallons of rainfall from sending Noah to herd the animals aboard the ark?

Welp, according to far too many of our media and liberal compatriots, the answer to that question is “the First Lady’s footwear choices.”  Forget the guy who literally rode a jet-ski into a woman’s living room to rescue her from the rising tide; ignore the “Cajun Navy,” which launched a flotilla of what appeared to be every seaworthy craft in the Southeast; never mind the preacher who swam into harm’s way to search for victims trapped in their cars. Nope, the left was captivated by the shoes Melania Trump wore on her way to Marine One.

As much as we should celebrate the selflessness of many, we should excoriate the ugliness of the few. Tragedy provides teachable moments, as it were. At the very least, it gives us a guide to those whom we should probably leave off the call list when the going gets rough. After all, when Mother Nature deals her worst, we wouldn’t want to be caught wearing the wrong shoes.


Ben Crystal is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College, but insists that shouldn’t be held against him. An award-winning radio talk show host and political analyst who has been featured in national and international media, Ben makes his home in Savannah, Georgia, where he’s an above-average shot, average golfer and below-average cook. Find him on Facebook and Twitter (@Bennettruth). Article published at Personal Liberty Digest and is republished here with the author’s permission.

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