Ben Crystal: The North Korean fan club

By Ben Crystal

Ever since Lenin and the gang took old Karl Marx’s dream journal and made it a nightmarish reality, the biggest villains of communism have always enjoyed a cheering section among the American liberal elite. From The New York Times’ Walter Duranty running interference for Stalin’s gulag’n’genocide get-down, to Jane Fonda and her NVA photo-op, to John Kerry and his beach party with the Sandanistas, to Sean Penn and his bromance with Hugo Chavez, to Michael Moore’s Cuban vacays, to every tenured pencil neck in every college sociology department who wears a Che’ t-shirt, the American left has never been shy about expressing its admiration for the totalitarian monsters and their twisted ideology that has killed more people than AIDS.

But they always seemed to stop just short of North Korea. Maybe the communism-enthralled The New York Times just couldn’t get a camera angle without at least one starving peasant in it. Perhaps sending three generations to prison camps over one family member’s “crime” makes it difficult to find on-the-record sources. It could be that the Kim family is actually too weird even for people who think Bernie Sanders is normal. But whether it’s the medieval conditions, the fact that the regime might send gam-gam to the klink because Junior got an unapproved haircut or just because the current Kim considers Dennis Rodman his BFF, the Democrats have always done their best to ignore the Kim family hijinks. Until this week.

Since event organizers, in what was either an incredible oversight or wizard-level trolling, somehow managed to put Kim surrogate Kim Yo Jong and U.S. Vice President Mike Pence in the same box at the PyeongChang Olympics, the hold on American liberals endorsing the current title-holder in the craze-a-lympics has been lifted. I knew they hated Trump, but the Democrat-media complex has reacted to the brutal Kim regime’s “charm offensive” like a tween girl finding out Justin Bieber is standing on her front doorstep.

The aforementioned The New York Times gleefully went for the gold, offering up “Kim Jong Un’s Sister Turns on the Charm, Taking Pence’s Spotlight.” Right. The spooky gal who runs the Kim propaganda department showed up in PyeongChang and “stole the spotlight” from a guy who just wanted to wave to some people and watch some curling.

Reuters took a shot at the title, suggesting “North Korea judged winner of diplomatic gold at Olympics.” That sounds like the kind of “judging” Russian figure skating enthusiasts pay a lot extra for.

The Washington Post managed to work a jab at President Donald Trump, referring to Madame Kim as “the Ivanka Trump of North Korea.” When everyone else is an unbathed, starving prole, looking like a world-renowned hottie doesn’t require much more than clothes that fit.

The line to join in the ooh-ing and aah-ing over the smirking mask of genocidal tyranny got awfully long in the wake of Kim and Mike’s awkward date at the Olympics. All the cool kids had to point and laugh at their vice president, getting publicly pwned by one of the top guards in what is effectively the largest concentration camp in human history.

Look, I get it. The Democrats and even a healthy portion of the “Never Trumpers” hate the president like I hate cookies with raisins. But the idea of joining the Kim Jong Un fan club, simply because his sister gave Vice President Pence the side-eye at a sporting event is insane. Lionizing a guy who puts people — and their relatives — in gulags for offenses that wouldn’t get you a traffic citation in the civilized world, at the expense of your own country, is contemptible. And joining the — admittedly well-choreographed — North Korean cheerleading squad – “We killed Otto Warmbier! Yay!” — because you still have the sads over Nana Hilldawg getting the heave, you should consider moving there and making a go of it. Best of luck!


Ben Crystal is a 1993 graduate of Davidson College, but insists that shouldn’t be held against him. An award-winning radio talk show host and political analyst who has been featured in national and international media, Ben makes his home in Savannah, Georgia, where he’s an above-average shot, average golfer and below-average cook. Find him on Facebook and Twitter (@Bennettruth). Article published at Personal Liberty Digest and is republished here with the permission of the author.


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