Century-old national park Saguaro blasted with shotgun

One of the more reputable on-line news organizations in Tucson, Tucson Sentinel.com, reported on this story earlier this month and, frankly, it’s kinda disgusting. It’s about some clown shooting up a Saguaro cactus at the Saguaro National Park on the west side of Tucson.

For the uninitiated, the Saguaro is native to the Sonoran Desert in which Tucson is situated. It is said that each “arm” of the Saguaro represents 100 years of life. The cactus is also a protected species.

So, some idiot went out into the desert, loaded up a shotgun and proceeded to shoot up a Saguaro cactus. All we can say is “WTF?” Biologists do not expect the plant to survive. What a shame!

Well, we’ve got news for the dumb-ass who got his/her jollies from shooting up a Saguaro. Kharma is a bitch and it always comes back to get you. Listen to the song by the Austin City Lounge Lizards about another dumb-ass who though he could shoot up a Saguaro and get away with it. Now, before you click on the video, we have to warn you that the Lizards ain’t from around these parts and mispronounce the cactus name. But, setting that aside, this story actually happened to this particular dumb-ass and we hope it will happen to the the ingrate who can’t seem to respect his/her surroundings.




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