Chopping up California three ways plan moving forward

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A long shot initiative to turn California into three separate states has actually been making progress.

Golden State residents who support the effort will now be able to collect signatures in an attempt to allow the proposal on next year’s ballot, according to KABC.

The plan, led by billionaire venture capitalist Tim Draper, calls for breaking California into northern, southern and coastal states.

The northern state, aptly named Northern California, would include Sacramento and San Francisco. The coastal state of California would include Los Angeles, while Southern California would incorporate the cities of San Diego and Fresno.

California Secretary of State Alex Padilla announced last week the details of the ballot initiative.

KNTV reported that the proposal requires 365,880 valid signatures to be placed onto the Nov. 2018 ballot. Supporters have 180 days to circulate petitions and the signatures will have to be submitted to elections officials by not later than April 23, 2018.

If enough signatures are produced, the next step would be for a majority of California voters to approve the measure. A final decision would then be made by members of Congress.

All three hurdles make the proposal an unlikely endeavor.

Draper had pushed for a similar proposal back in 2014. He had previously called for California to be split into six states. That effort, however, failed.

Draper is again trying to split The Golden State up, suggesting that the economic and political diversity of the state has made it essentially ungovernable.He believes dividing California — the country’s largest state by population and third largest by geographic size — into three separate governments would empower residents with more local control.

Opponents, however, say the proposal would be chaotic for California residents.

“Creating three new governments, three new legislatures, three new governors and then having to disrupt what we have as a state all our prison systems, our higher education systems, I think diversity is what makes California great and this would actually ruin it,” political analyst Steven Maviglio said in a statement.

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