College students HATE Obama quotes… when they think they’re from Trump

By Sam Rolley / Personal Liberty Digest

Know what happens when you tell college students lines from President Barack Obama’s State of the Union speech belong to President Donald Trump? They get all triggered.

In a recent man on the street segment, Campus Reform illustrated that young Americans have been brainwashed into hating Trump no matter what he says.

Via the organization:

Campus Reform headed to John Jay College in NYC to talk to students who disapproved of the speech by asking them to react to a few select quotations. Almost unanimously, the students found each of the quotes to be “warmongering”, “aggressive,” and “immature.”

What the students didn’t know was that all the quotes given to them were taken from President Obama’s State of the Union addresses.

How would they react when they found out it was President Obama, not Trump, who had spoken each of the quotes they disapproved of?

Here’s what happened:



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