Congressman says Paul Ryan sitting on national concealed carry reciprocity bill

By Jay Baker / Personal Liberty Digest

Who needs Democrats to stand in the way of the conservative agenda when Republicans are leading the way and doing just fine?

Representative Paul Massie, who introduced a bill to allow people with a concealed carry permit from their state to legally carry a gun in any state, says Speaker Paul Ryan is deliberately holding up the bill to prevent a vote on it. Another Massey bill to allow for carry in Washington, D.C., introduced after James T. Hodgkinson shot several Congressmen and staffers at a Virginia ballfield, is also being kept on the sidelines.

Massey’s national reciprocity bill – H.R. 38 — has 209 co-sponsors. It was introduced on January 3, 2017. His D.C. Protection Reciprocity Act –  H.R. 38— introduced days after Representative Steve Scalise and others were wounded by the Bernie Sanders-supporting mad man Hodgkinson, has 82 co-sponsors. It would require reciprocity between D.C. and other states with respect to carrying firearms.

Speaking to Mark Walters last week on Armed American Radio, Massie said Ryan told him the timing isn’t right to consider the bills.

“The Speaker told me he didn’t think the timing was right,” Massie said. “And I think this is the exact timing to bring this bill.”

He told Walters that he’s seen “a lot of pro-gun bills being introduced but they were going nowhere.”

Of course, requiring permits in the first place is a violation of the 2ndAmendment. It amounts to asking government permission and then paying to exercise a natural right. But reciprocity would be a good first step to at least allowing people to protect themselves without worrying they may run afoul of the “law” in gun-grabbing states.

This is further evidence that on the national level there is no difference between the two major parties, as Bob Livingston has told us time and again. The Republican establishment is interested in playing politics and enriching its coffers and doesn’t care one whit about the Constitution, conservative values or liberty.


Jay Baker has been editorial director of Personal Liberty® and The Bob Livingston Letter™ since 2008. He previously worked as a reporter and editor for several newspapers — including Alabama’s largest daily, The Birmingham News — and as editor of a business magazine. Jay also served stints as marketing and public relations director in the healthcare, banking and construction industries. This experience makes him especially adept at digging through the lies, doublespeak and folderol emanating from places of power.


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