Emil Franzi: A look at Manchester, Hanson & Hewitt book reviews

By Emil Franzi

A WORLD LIT ONLY BY FIRE – The Medieval Mind and the Renaissance – Portrait of an Age, by William Manchester – Back Bay Books, Little Brown and Co, 322p, 1992

The Middle Ages in Europe WERE Dark. All authority about everything rested with a ruling elite composed of the Church hierarchy who had a blank check in all areas while an ignorant mass complied. Life was miserable almost everyone. Cleanliness had been abandoned, baths were unheard of. Those watching THE TUDORS may have noticed a scene where someone was picking the lice from Henry VII’s hair. They all lived like swine, physically and morally.

We’ve all heard of Lucretia Borgia. She gave birth to a child and didn’t if the father was one of her brothers or her daddy. Worse, her daddy at that time was the Pope.

Manchester points out that a few brilliant people moved things – Erasmus, Copernicus and sometimes Martin Luther who had his own hang-ups. Erestingly gives the final credit for the destruction of the Medieval mindset to Magellen who’s voyage so obviously proved to everyone that the ruling was not infallible.

WARS OF THE ANCIENT GREEKS, by Victor Davis Hanson, Smithsonian History of Warfare, 240p, 1999

Anyone who believes as too many currently do that democracy is the key to peace needs to study Ancient Greece, as Hanson has meticulously. Democracies are every bit if not more nasty and vicious than most monarchs and dictators.

Many more Greeks were killed by each other than were ever killed by Persians. Which tells us what modern democracy freaks, egalitarians and “peace” advocates never grasp. Mankind is inherently warlike and nasty. Democracies bring that out, they don’t quell it – they encourage it.

Hanson is known as one of the world’s foremost military historians but his specialty was always ancient Greece. He is also a fascinating writer.


THE FOURTH WAY – The Conservative Playbook for a Lasting GOP MAJORITY,  by Hugh Hewitt – Simon & Schuster, 223p, 2017

Written after the 2016 election but before the swearing in, Hewitt has some fresh ideas from his place in the center right. Hewitt’s original views of things like genuine liberalism (not the fascist crap we see now) and so-called “orthodox conservatiism” are that they are often neither.

While FDR was billed by the right as the coming of socialism, much of what he, HST and other old liberals was unarguably beneficial to many Americans and took a different form than the current crop proto fascists masquerading as liberals.

Too many conservatives are also masqueraders simply because for too long they accepted their role as a permanent minority in our nation’s governance and lived off the “compromises” the left and their MSM allies foisted upon us.

Hewitt’s brand is just as legitimate, maybe more so, than theirs. This is a major game plan and a major contribution to what we call current conservative thought.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.




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