Emil Franzi: Ally Miller and Marie Le Pen

By Emil Franzi

The two have much in common, starting with the total failure of the media to grasp the essence of either.

Both are labeled by most as “right wing”. Neither really are.

Both profess a shallow and at times incoherent ideology.

Both have a smaller constituency than has been attributed to them.

Le Pen is basically a socialist who is anti-immigrant. Miller is supposedly a conservative while promoting higher sales taxes. Both are basically anti-social, particularly Miller.

Labels tell us little beyond both being indentified with political parties “on the right”. Neither profess genuine conservative values.

Miller has based much of her identity by simply parroting claims made by RINO Republicans and worn out hack business “leaders”. She trumps Le Pen in the lying department, having been caught innumerable times. She also is more interested in the perks of office like furniture, fancy meals  and silk plants at the taxpayer’s expense. Le Pen is actually interested in real policy changes.

Miller is also caught up with deciding policy questions based on personalities not principles. Her biggest allies are the bottom feeders belching local talk radio who are almost as ignorant as she is and who have agendas of their own, mostly based on petty vengeance.

Petty vengeance also describes Miller’s attitude towards policy. She still cannot grasp that the  $15M a year Pima County pays University Medical is how Huckelberry moved 900 people at Kino Hospital from the county payroll to Banner, saving local taxpayers both their salaries and long term pension benefits far in excess of that $15M. She also doesn’t grasp that Pima County PER CAPITA debt is lower than Maricopa and all of the local municipalities of which Marana (in her district) is the highest!

If anything, the national socialist Le Pen is the more coherent of the two and has a higher integrity level.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.



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