Emil Franzi: How one putrid apple can ruin an orchard

By Emil Franzi

I started in local talk radio in 1996 at KTUC. Despite our differences, I thank Tom Hassey for giving me that first opportunity which lasted until 1997. I came back later on KTKT in 1999, moved to the JOLT 1230 AM and to KVOI in Jan of 2006.

Lots of folk helped me along the way so don’t take my later hits as sour grapes. John C. Scott was always a morale builder and the late Sam Steiger taught me some great basics – like don’t ever pretend you know something you don’t.

Stations switched from paying most hosts to brokered time where the host buys it by the hour. I think this sucks simple because most broker shows never break even and quit and station managements are too hungry for quick bucks to ever develop long term audiences. Best example pf this is 1100AM in Phoenix with 50,000 watts and hardly anyone listening years later.

Several of today’s show have transcended that with their high quality, specifically Charles Heller, Bill Buckmaster, Phil Seader on KVOI and Ben Buehler-Garcia on 104.1 FM. I’ve been honored to share co-hosting with some great guys like Tom Danehy, Mike Tully and Bruce Ash.

Other shows have fallen by the wayside Some could make a comeback like Joe Dreyfuss’ THE VISIT. Better role model is just give them the time in trade for a piece of what they sell, which replaces sales commissions and builds long term stability.

Now how one putrid apple can ruin an orchard. There’s a slimy on-line hate sheet run by the Hunnicutts. They first gained prominence when they sued Tucson Country Club a few years back for supporting a Men’s Only Grill, something that didn’t bother them until their TCC tab went above five digits. NOTE – the prime mover here is Lori Hunnicutt who was never a Republican nor did she claim conservatism as her personal code. She has basically made a living being what the old Birchers used to call a “confusion agent”..

Hunnicutt publishes the ARIZONA DAILY INDEPENDENT, a wretched little hate sheet that has viciously lied about and smeared Ray Carroll, Steve Kozacik and Shawn McClusky among others with false and filthy unsupported accusations of criminal and moral wrong-doing. She is a repulsive human being who claims “confidential sources” she cannot divulge for “fear of retribution”.  No one with a three digit IQ buys that, but some in the local hard right have, more out of vengeance than common sense.

When this is hammered, as I have done in the past, the Hunnicutts claim they will sue for “defamation:, etc.

Have at it, slime, You’ll never get past the first deposition.

Unfortunately some local talk geniuses have bought into their line of crap.

GARRETT LEWIS on 790AM KNST fell for her back in 2012 and used it against Supervisor Ray Carroll who should’ve sued all their sorry asses. Bruce Ash and I actually bought time on KNST to rebut him. KNST wised up quick and Lewis backed of using ADI. Now he just bores you with long discourses all by himself.

J.T. HARRIS on 104.1 is dumb enough to pimp regularly for Hunnicutt – they even run promo spots with her voice right next to the ones for ADULT EXPECTATIONS, a well lit version of what we used to call a dirty book store. Harris was nicknamed BLAZING SADDLES RADIO by me, being too clueless to note that the folks who sound like him in the flick were the crackers who sounded like what they thought a black person should. The real black folks talked normal.

Be aware that 104.1FM management was LEFT SPIN. When Jon Justice was still hosting there, he was told to NOT ALLOW Frank Antenori guest time. Corporate switches may have changed that.

Finally,  the biggest slug of all, Chris DeSimone. One more time (sigh) – his war on Huckelberry and Pima County and slobbering alliance with RINO Mayor Ed Honea in  Marana doesn’t divulge that former EXPLORER Editor Mark Evan hired me twice – once in that capacity and again when he left the CITIZEN to take over INSIDE TUCSON BUSINESS where I replaced DeSimone who won’t man up and publicly admit a rather basic conflict of interest.

Mark fired Chris for basically having the same column every week, a practice he has since adopted for his am radio show, and replaced him with me. Mark was later hired by Chuck Huckelberry at Pima County, and Chris is too yellow to bring that up either. Suffice that his credibility is even lower than Harris and far lower than Lewis.

There’s a group of bottom feeding rightee slugs who eat this crap up. Try the hatchet faced loser who berates the Pima BOS regularly at CALL TO THE AUDIENCE. She regularly hits on the Animal Control Center where we apparently spend too much saving all those pitbulls and Chihuahuas. Hmmm.

Hey BOS members -the law requires you not to discuss the issues these clowns present,  it doesn’t assign you the role of a piñata. You don’t have to take this crap from these losers and I and others are offended by your gutless non-reaction.

If you don’t know how, please consider signing me up as a consultant on how not to behave like a potted plant.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.



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