FBI arrests man who threatened to shoot Congresswoman Martha McSally because of her Trump support

Rep. Martha McSally of Tucson. The FBI has arrested suspect who threatened violence toward McSally because of her support for Donald Trump.

From Truth Revolt

Since the election of Donald Trump, the left has adopted full-on hatred of President Donald Trump and his supporters. Gone are the days when people of different political persuasions could have a reasonable discussion about their respective views. Now, with the advent of Antifa and social media, leftists seem perfectly fine to cross the line between partisan disagreement and violence.

This was particularly evident this week when the FBI arrested a Tucson Unified School District employee who threatened U.S. Rep. Martha McSally of Arizona. McSally represents District 2, the same district formerly served by Gabrielle Giffords. While Giffords was shot by a paranoid schizophrenia who did not have political motives, McSally has been targeted because of her conservatism. Tucson.com reports:

FBI agents arrested Steve Martan, 58, in connection with three messages left on the congressional office voicemail on May 2 and May 10, according to a criminal complaint filed May 12 in U.S. District Court in Tucson. Martan is a campus monitor at Miles Exploratory Learning Center in the Tucson Unified School District. He was placed on home assignment and told not to come into work as the district investigates the allegations. The voicemails contained threats to McSally, including that she should “be careful” when she returns to Tucson and that her days “were numbered.” He threatened to shoot her in one of the expletive-filled messages.

Apparently, according to the complaint, Martan said his profanity-laden voicemails were merely the case of a constituent venting frustrations with his Congressman’s  votes in support of the President. In February, McSally faced a raucous town hall meeting that resulted in her constituents shouting at her, making cat calls at her and pleading with her to oppose President Trump:

Many among the 250 people inside the afternoon event at the Good Shepherd United Church of Christ vented their simmering anger at President Donald Trump and called for her to rein in his agenda on issues such as health care, gun rights and immigration reform.

Dozens or more people chanted “Do your job!” and pressed signs hostile to the administration against the doors outside the church.

It’s easy to see how this adamant anti-Trump fervor can escalate into a dangerous territory. In fact, it has already escalated on college campuses across the nation. No one deserves to be threatened with death for having different political views. Let’s hope the anti-Trump hysteria dies before an actual person does.




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