Finance the cost of a cruise?

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Carnival Cruise Line just introduced its new Carnival EasyPay program to more evenly spread out the cost of a cruise over time.

Though it’s not quite a traditional financing model, there are some other options to consider.

For those who define financing as a means of buying a product now and paying for it in periodic installments—with or without interest—after the fact, then Carnival EasyPay would not be included. Cruise lines expect to be paid in full prior to the cruise, and Carnival is no exception.

That makes Carnival EasyPay more of a layaway situation (like financing prior to receiving the product) in which you make a deposit at least 90 days before final payment is due. That is then followed by equal payments across three months automatically charged to the credit card on file.

The entire process is completed prior to sailing.

Of course, you could also budget yourself early on, effectively putting aside the necessary cash on your own while making a modicum of positive interest. Carnival just makes it simpler.

Choices for typical consumer financing are unfortunately less common. Some travel agencies offer cruise-now-pay-later plans in the 12-month range, and PayPal Credit permits zero-percent financing for up to six months. Perhaps more desirable might be zero-percent interest credit cards with an intro APR for upwards of 18 months.

A lot of these can get you quickly trapped beyond, however. So, choose wisely and use sparingly.

Otherwise, it seems the only in-house option is Disney Cruise Line.

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