Franzi’s Blog: History Channel, Ally Miller’s lies & the warped thinking of local builders and realtors

franzi_high-school-picBy Emil Franzi


No greater example exists to illustrate the dumbing down of America than the total decline of the History Channel. Nobody thought it was going to work but it drew millions of subscribers and we ended up with three versions, History 1, History 2 and the Military Channel.

Over the past few months, History 2 has disappeared and been replaced with sort of gay lifestyle programming. History 1 sometimes play the real stuff they used to do, but has turned into phony realty TV. While PAWN STARS is kind of cool, the two guys in a van checking out junk collections hardly qualifies as legit history but it’s cheap to produce, right?

The old Military channel which was a tad overloaded with Nazi and Hitler crap still is, but they’ve added conspiracy time to the mix. Whoopee. Now called AHC channel.


Hopefully, my good friends at the STAR, WEEKLY and SENTINEL will get around to fact check reporting Supervisor Ally Miller’s claim on her campaign signs that “ALLY STOPPED COUNTYWIDE SALES TAX”

Ally is either lying or delusional. Pima County is the only county with no direct sales tax because: 1. We, the voters, turned it down four times and 2. Supervisor RAY CARROLL wouldn’t give the unanimous vote then required to implememt one. No one has even seriously proposed it in over a decade.

Time for you reporters to try –  reporting. And time for Ally and her clone deMarco to quit lying about this.


Pima County is now rated third in the nation in job growth. Those jobs are mostly higher tech and many will not be filled by current local people, meaning lots of new folks will be moving in. Last time I looked, that means more home building and more home sales.

But the guys running these outfits have become such party hacks hat they’re endorsing Ally Miller and her clone, Kim DeMarco over the sensible Democrats like Sharon Bronson and  Brian Bickel who support the kind of development both Miller and DeMarco oppose.

What we have is a new breed of whacko “No Growth” Republican who think everything is a crony conspiracy and oppose the efforts Pima County has successfully used to give us new jobs.

You may recall I used to hang with a guy name Murray Rothbard so I understand genuine anarcho-capitalism, a concept these bozos can’t spell let alone explain.. Murray and I had long discussions about how to ultimately come to a genuinely free society and he was much more realistic than the current Goldwater Institute is. The GWI claims many points which would translate to “they went to Albuquerque because they got a better deal”. Tax breaks and other incentives are part of the game and barring actual pay-offs and bribes are hardly ‘corrupt” a word cheapened by the ignorant who misuse it.

Meantime were I a member of either SAHBA or the Board of Realtors, I’d like to ask my leadership what the Hell are they thinking.



Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner. Yes, that’s his high school picture used for this column. Because he can. Get over it.



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