Franzi’s Blog: Who I voted for and why

franzi high school picBy Emil Franzi


TRUMP. If either as a bad as some think, he’s the easiet to impeach. Hillary owns most of the Dem pols and will throw lefty bones to the Warren and  Sanders folks. Trump already had lost all the Dems and a piece of the R’s would screw him in a heartbeat. He’s the safe choice.


MCCAIN.  We need to keep control of the Senate for any hope of stopping anything in a Hillary presidency. And Kirkpatrick is a cipher.


O’HALLERAN (D)  We don’t need a crypto-fascist corrupt chicken hawk with nudie pictures hustling gay love. That the media has failed to tell us how weird this dude is tells us inept they are.


TOBIN  I can’t tell which dark money group is supporting or drafting whom. I know Andy is a good man.


An election I cannot vote in, but is vitally important to this valley is that for TUSD. Get folks to vote there if you know any.

SELEGEMAN, RUSTAND and BETTS are needed to turn the whole political domination of our core schools around. Yet the local GOP wastes its time and resources on write-ins, pygmies with dumb campaigns and even a stray Democrat running as an independent for Assesor who seems to think the GOP owes her support – and the dumbos are giving it! This election could be a vital turning point and the Republican Party can’t be bothered. FOR SHAME.


MARK NAPIER. The only shot the GOP has to gain a genuine important office is with one of the finest candidates they’ve ever had for anything, running against a corrupt hack who’s so bad even the local media has noticed.


BRIAN DICKEL.  Ally Miller combines the personality of a wounded wolverine with the integrity of Hillary Clinton. The woman has been caught lying on innumerable occasions on everything from the use of her office staff for politics to her e-mail coverup to  the most blatant lie of all “ ALLY STOPPED COUNTY SALES TAX on her signs.

It was stopped years ago by her nemesis RAY CARROLL and nobody has brought it up since. Yet the local media hacks – Steller, Ferguson, Shearer, even Morlock at the SENTINEL are too busy covering pygmies or philosophizing to do what would have taken Chris Limberis about two months – expose this psycho loser to the voters.

And If you happen to live in District Three, vote another Dem SHARON BRONSON. She’s been more than good to the shooting sports, the county eliminated RedLite cameras without  a vote, it privatized almost a thousand jobs at Kino Hospital, and has brought to Pima County a brace of new companies  and expanded old ones. The tax hike from Phoenix she led the fight to defeat saved us $32M while Ally and clone de Marco wanted to just roll over. That Miller clams she has or will accomplish anything is pure garbage.

PROP 205 – Legal pot for recreational use

  1. the argument used by the proponents is totally anti-personal freedom and looks upon the problems caused by legal pot as an excuse to expand government and get it more rebenue. The measure itself is flawed by being w leftwing version.

PROP 206 – Raise the minimum wage

  1. This never really helps those misguided liberals believe it will. By the time the bottom feeder employees get more money it buys less and they continue to plow the rut. In the meantime better employees are penalized by having to subsidize new hires or lesser talents or worse – have their job eliminated.

I suspect Venezuela had a minimum wage and probably so did Zimbabwe. Tell us how that worked out for them.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner. He uses his high school photo for this column because he can.


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