Harry Alexander: McCain-Coons immigration bill is problematic

By Harry Alexander

Sen. John McCain (R/D-Ariz) this week introduced a bill that would give amnesty to at least three million illegal aliens WITHOUT immediately offering any assistance for border security. His bill does “promise” the issue will be looked at sometime in the future.

What planet has McCain been on where he thinks his bill is a good idea?

Jeez, pal! We want the damn border to be secured–how that happens is up for discussion. But to offer up legislation that totally ignores what your constituents want seems a bit out there.

But, when has John McCain ever paid attention to what his constituents want? How many fingers do you have; sorry, too many.

A portion of his bill, co-sponsored by Delaware Democrat Sen. Chris Coons, calls for a “study” on the best methods to handle border security with funding for the “study.” Homeland Security would have until 2021 to follow thru on the “study” results. Yep, that handles the issue right now.

Really, pal? You’ve got to be kidding me.

We don’t need no stinking studies. Those of us who live on or near the border already have studied the situation. We’ve determined that the border needs to be secured a helluva lot more than it is now.

We don’t need so-called chain migration. We don’t need the so-called diversity immigration.

Oops! Sorry, forgot I wasn’t in Washington where the all-knowing thinkers are located. My bad.

Just wondering here… why would we want to funnel dollars into Central American countries from where many of these illegals come, to maybe, just maybe, convince those governments to fix the problems that cause their citizens to try their luck crossing the border to America? That’s part of the McCain-Coons bill. Oh, yeah, nation-building. Bravo Sierra.

This calamity of a bill also adds more immigration judges to unplug the backlog of all those immigration cases. Oh, and it protects those Dreamers. Can’t forget about them, can we.

As I have written in the past, America’s immigration laws have been ignored by numerous administrations–in particular the last one. There’s always tomorrow, they say. Well, tomorrow is here.

Thank God Donald Trump won’t even consider Sen. John McCain (R/D-Ariz) legislation.

I’m surprised that Jeff Flake, Arizona’s other R/D senator, hasn’t signed on to the McCain-Coons bill. He apparently is just keeping quiet since nobody in Washington really cares what he has to say any longer.

Someday there will be an elected congress critter who actually listens to what their constituents want and acts for those constituents rather than do the politically expedient thing.

One can hope.



Harry Alexander is the Managing Editor of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.



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