Harry Alexander: Saying goodbye

By Harry Alexander

Everything comes to an end at some point or another. Sometimes things come to an end too quickly. Sometimes things continue on too long. In this case, I believe the timing is right.

This will be the final issue of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.

This dream was started by the late Emil Franzi back in 2012. I was brought along by Franzi to initially edit the publication in 2014. From there, my role expanded under the watchful eyes of my mentor and friend. Emil passed away in June 2017 from complications of cancer.

I kept the publication alive in his memory and have tried to do my best to maintain his “voice.” After all, it was his creation and it just wouldn’t be kosher to change up anything that would stray from his initial vision of a local publication that showed readers there was a lot more out there media-wise than the mainstream media and the far right and far left publications.

Our political views have been right-of-center throughout our history. We’ve even published articles from Left-leaning publications like The Progressive Review, edited by Sam Smith, a well-known Liberal voice. Got to try to present the other side and Sam’s publication frequently called out its own side on many of its issues. We’ve also called out our side on many occasions when warranted.

I believe I have kept Emil’s vision alive as best as possible with the limitations I have had.

But, now, it’s time say goodbye.

Economics are the prime reason for ceasing this publication. Some might say this has been a hobby of ours. Others, including me, view this as a business. But, when a business is unable to significantly grow without sufficient capital, then continually throwing money at it is not an acceptable business plan.

I thank our many contributors for their writing and photography: Mike Tully, Phil Richardson, Eric Peters, Bob Garver, Sally Reichardt, Scott Dyke, Jerry Eagan and many others. I thank the many news organizations who gave us permission, yes permission, to republish their articles. Among them: Gatestone Institute, Heartland Institute, Mises, and Personal Liberty Digest. There are many others as well.

Emil’s other vision was his western history program, Voices of the West, which I produced. I will continue to produce and co-host the show with my friends Bunker de France, Joe Dreyfuss and Todd Roberts. That show is heard every Saturday at 4pm Mountain Standard Time on the website, voicesofthewest.net, and on the VOW Facebook page. The four of us believe the western show is the biggest legacy by which Franzi wants to be remembered. I remember how humble he felt when he and the show were the recipients of the 2014 Lariat Award from the Western Writers of America. That award dwarfs all of the press club and other journalistic awards Franzi and I have accumulated over our careers. Hope you give the show a listen.

So, to those who have subscribed to our free newsletter and to the rest of our readers, thanks for being a part of this pretty cool news website.

It’s been fun annoying the Left and exposing them for what they really stand for–complete control over your life and my life. In the parlance of a friend of mine, “that dog don’t hunt,:”


Harry Alexander is the Managing Editor of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.


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