Harry Alexander: SOTU revisited

By Harry Alexander

Unlike a number of people who needed to hide from a television set when President Donald Trump delivered his first State of the Union to Congress and America, I watched it. I also watched the Democrat response from Rep. Joe Kennedy III.

My takeaway from Trump’s address is this: Boy, he’s got some good speechwriters!

Trumps delivery was not the greatest. After all, he is not an orator.

But, what he delivered was a welcome tone to many American’s ears. The State of the Union is strong, the country is strong and will get only stronger.

Apparently, three-out-of-four voters surveyed by CBS after the address liked what they heard, too.

After hearing eight years of Barack Obama apologize to the world and then tout this for some fringe group that we’re supposed to care about and that for another fringe group, I liked what I heard.

Job creation on the rise, economy reaching full steam, possible immigration reform, talking tough on those regimes that want to do us harm, unemployment down, way down, in the Black and Hispanic communities, strengthening the military, and tax reform.

Sure, it’s not all a pretty picture in the USofA. There are still problems in this country and there will probably always be problems of some sort or other.

What surprised me was not the partisanship displayed by the Democrats, but their complete lack of decorum for the Office of the President.

You may not like the man who holds that office, but the office does deserve to be respected. And when the Sergeant-at Arms announced the president to the chamber, folks stood up–except the Democrats.

Bad form, people.

It’s one thing to wear a particular color to protest whatever the Hell they were protesting with black clothing. There were even a few who couldn’t handle being in the chamber to listen to the address. They just didn’t show up. Then, there was the guy from Illinois who trotted out of the chamber when people starting chanting “USA, USA.”

I definitely despised the previous occupant of the White House and his Nanny State approach to governing. I’m not all that enamored with the sitting occupant. However, the man occupies a great office and it’s that office that demands the respect.

The one policy announcement I did not like was about immigration. I’m all for LEGAL immigration as it helps our country. I am not for offering up amnesty to those who openly brag about being here illegally. We’ll just have to wait and see what rolls out on that front.

I also had to laugh when the cameras panned over to show the Democrats. They sat stone-faced the entire time. Couldn’t even muster a bit of applause for the lowest unemployment for two of the groups they claim to champion–Blacks and Hispanics.

Well, at least Ruth Ginsberg didn’t fall asleep this time.

Listening to the official Democrat response from Rep. Joe Kennedy III was, well, boring. The young man does not have the same presence as his relatives did in a public setting. He merely repeated the same old tired Democrat talking points. I didn’t hear anything of substance. Gotta wonder why there was a backdrop of a car for him. Kennedy’s + cars = X. And, then there’s that spiddle on the corner of his mouth. Cue Marco Rubio’s bottle of water situation.

I didn’t bother to watch the other Democrat responses. As those responses were promoted, they sounded like they would be too childish, especially, from cowgirl Maxine Waters.

The “opposition” is just gonna have to get used to the next three years–and maybe longer–of a Trump presidency. Maybe they can take their collective thumbs out of their mouths, grow up and act like the adults the Demo voters thought their candidates were when the candidates were sent to Washington.

Doubt it will happen.



Harry Alexander is the Managing Editor of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner.


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