ICYMI: Tucson named worst city in which to live in Arizona

By SoAzNewsX

There are 91 incorporated cities and towns in the entire state of Arizona, but only one has been named the worst in the state to live in: Tucson.

The city of Tucson was named the worst city in Arizona to live in, according to MSN.com. The southern Arizona city was ranked the worst to live in because of its high poverty and unemployment rates and slow economic growth.

Tucson’s poverty rate of 25.2% is the highest of any large city in Arizona and far higher than the 14.7% national poverty rate. Tucson’s economy has grown slower than that of most cities in recent years, and unemployment in the area remains slightly above the national rate. The number of jobs in Tucson rose by just 2.1% from 2013 to 2015, roughly half the national employment growth over the same period.

Tucson also struggles with one of the highest property crime rates in the country. There were 6,643 property crimes reported per 100,000 Tucson residents in 2015, more than double the national rate of 2,487 incidents per 100,000 Americans. According to one local criminologist, the high prevalence of property crime may be due to the transient nature of many Tucson residents. While the average American moves every 5.2 years, the average Tucson resident moves every 3.5 years. The population mobility makes it difficult to establish a strong community, which is one of the best defenses against property crime.

Population: 531,674
Median home value: $139,400
Poverty rate: 25.2%
Adults with at least a bachelor’s degree: 26.5%

That should say something as voters are preparing to vote in city elections next month. Two council members are seeking re-election. Those two council members have been in office for more than four years.






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