Last-minute solar eclipse travel tips

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Travelers are making last-minute plans as they gear up for the upcoming total solar eclipse on August 21.

Flights and hotels to and in destinations located in the path of totality are booking up quickly. Rates are climbing as demand outpaces supply.

Luckily, travAlliancemedia President and CEO Mark Murphy has some ideas and tips for travelers looking to find a front row seat to the rare spectacle without blowing their budget.

“I would fly to Denver. Airfare is cheap relatively speaking. You can still get out there for $300 or $400, and if you do a connection, you can go for cheaper,” Murphy said during an appearance on FOX 29 Philadelphia on Monday.

“Drive north into Wyoming and get up there to Casper, where you’ll have 100 percent coverage [by the solar eclipse].”

Atlanta and Charlotte, North Carolina are also solid staging areas for those hoping to make their way into the path of totality.

“Atlanta is another good value in terms of airfare. Stay just north of Atlanta in a little town called Canton, where there are still really cheap hotels around $100 per night,” added Murphy. “Both [Atlanta and Charlotte] have great hotels. They have great airline access and great airfare still. You can stage and go north or south depending on which city you choose to fly into.”

Atlanta and Charlotte are each roughly a two-hour drive from Greenville, South Carolina, which is one of the few cities located in the path of totality.

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Camping is also an affordable option, with some Airbnb hosts even renting out their backyards.

“Look up campsites because a lot of these public lands have been made available for you to pitch a tent for about $20 or $30. I would grab the car, get down there a couple of days early, bring the tent and save the money,” said Murphy.

“It’s all about finding a spot to get in cheaply, to stay cheaply and then deal with the traffic in whatever direction you have to go.”


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