Law of the nursery

Laws, laws, laws. It seems that every time someone gets taken by another or a corporation, there’s always a clamor that “there ought to be a law!”

Seems that the nursery has not been able to escape that as witnessed by the below comments.

‘It’s my toy’ – property law
‘You promised me’ – contract law
‘He hit me first’ – criminal law
‘Daddy said I could’ – constitutional law

— the late Harold Berman of Harvard Law School, via John McGinnis, Law and Liberty.

Some others, via social media:

‘Mama said NO’- Supreme Court decision — Cathy Maddox on Twitter
‘Last week you said’ – case law — Dave Ferguson on Twitter
‘Stop repeating everything I say’ – copyright law — John Althouse Cohen
‘Make him turn it down’ — nuisance law




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