McSally questions DHS Secretary Kelly on Arizona priorities

By SoAzNewsX

Rep. Martha McSally (AZ-02) today questioned Department of Homeland Security Secretary John Kelly on priorities for Southern Arizona during a full Homeland Security committee hearing on the President’s FY2018 Budget request.

McSally urged the Secretary to prioritize modernizing the Douglas Port of Entry and construction of a new commercial port of entry project. “The Administration needs to include ports of entry in large infrastructure projects. It’s not just about roads and bridges, it’s about our ports of entry that are vital for economic development and security,”  McSally said during the hearing. “The Douglas Port of Entry, built in 1933, is woefully inadequate. 7.6 million people and 3.2 million cars went through the port, generating 4 billion dollars in economic activity. Where is modernizing and building a new port on your priority list?”

Kelly agreed that all ports of entry needs to be upgraded and that fast movement of goods must be facilitated. Watch the exchange below.


McSally also questioned Kelly on the Department of Homeland Security’s plan to address Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA). “These children were brought here at no fault of their own. In Arizona, there are 57,000 of them. They came forward to the government, they gave their personal information—where they live, their biometric data and finger prints—they graduate from high school and served in our military,” said McSally. “Uncertainty brings fear to my constituents in this position. Can you assure me that they will be protected?”


Kelly stated that the Department of Homeland Security is “not targeting DACA recipients.”


The Secretary also expressed support for McSally’s legislation that passed in the House today. This legislation will alleviate staffing shortages at the border and ports of entry, saying “I support anything that would speed up the process…and the vetting to put more men and women to work.” Watch that exchange below:




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