O’Hare travelers may have been exposed to measles

From Travel Pulse

Hundreds of travelers who passed through a Chicago airport last week may have been exposed to measles after an infected passenger arrived at and departed from the facility.

According to Fox Chicago, an unidentified passenger dealing with the highly-contagious illness arrived at O’Hare International Airport on January 10. The passenger arrived on an international flight at Terminal 5 before departing on another flight to Little Rock, Arkansas, from Terminal 1.

The Illinois Department of Health is warning people who were in the two impacted terminals on that day between 6:30 a.m. and 1 p.m. local time that they may have been exposed to measles. The report also suggests the infected passenger could have traveled to other places in the airport as well.

While most Americans received measles shots as children to help avoid catching the illness, it is easily transmittable through the air when the sick person coughs or sneezes. Health officials warn that someone who caught measles may not begin showing symptoms until as late as the end of the month.

For those travelers who could’ve been exposed, they are being warned to look out for measles symptoms, including rashes, fevers, coughs, runny noses and more. The infection can also cause serious complications such as pneumonia and encephalitis.

Officials said anyone concerned that they may have contracted the illness should contact their doctor for a thorough examination.



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