Red Bull Air Racing: Muroya captures World Title; Chambliss finishes fourth overall

Yoshihide Muroya celebrates his first Red Bull Air Race World Title.

By Harry Alexander / SoAzNewsX

Yoshihide Muroya captured his first Red Bull Air Race World Championship Title this past weekend at the Indianapolis Motor Speedway. It’s the first time a Japanese pilot has won the World Championship Title in the history of the sport.

“This has been really amazing and a historic chapter in motorsport,” he said. “I won the race here and I’ve become a champion here. It’s amazing, I can’t believe it! When I saw my time in the cockpit, I thought the timing system had broke, but it was a reality. I didn’t think that time was possible so something was pushing me into this position. So thank you to the fans and my family – thanks to everyone that’s helped.”

Tucsonan Kirby Chambliss was knocked out of the competition in the Round of 14 when he flew against Spaniard Juan Velarde.

“We normally do better – normally – when conditions are bad,” Chambliss said. “The conditions weren’t really that bad, I was just trying to put pressure on Juan and made a mistake.”

Velarde took Third Place at Indianapolis.

Chambliss finished the 2017 season in Fourth Place with 53 points.

“At the end, we had a shot at the World Championship, and even though it didn’t work out, the team has been great this season,” he said.

The final results of the 2017 Red Bull Air Race season:

  1. Yoshihide Muroya-Champion, Japan, 74 points
  2. Martin Sonka, Czech Republic, 70 points
  3. Pete McLeod, Canada, 56 points
  4. Kirby Chambliss, USA, 53 points
  5. Petr Kopfstein, Czech Republic, 43 points
  6. Matt Hall, Australia, 40 points
  7. Matthias Dolderer, Germany, 39 points
  8. Juan Velarde, Spain, 37 points
  9. Michael Goulian, USA, 28 points
  10. Mikael Brageot, France, 24 points
  11. Nicolas Ivanoff, France, 16 points
  12. Peter Podlunsek, Slovenia, 14 points
  13. Cristian Bolton, Chile, 9 points
  14. Francois Le Vot, France, 9 points

Pilots are awarded points based on their final position in each race. More information at the Red Bull Air Race website. Start dates and locations for the 2018 season have not been announced as yet.


Harry Alexander is the Managing Editor of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner and an rabid aviation buff.


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