Rescue horses give birth to two new residents

Grey mare with her colt born at the Horsen’ Around Rescue.

By SoAzNewsX

The Horsen’ Around Rescue group recently picked up eight horses that didn’t sell at an auction. The horses were not wanted by the people who originally brought them to the auction. They said the horses had “snotty noses” and would not be able to be transported across the border to Mexico because of health concerns.

Horsen’ Around Rescue got a telephone call from an Arizona livestock officer wondering if the group wanted to take on the eight horses. They said yes, but were not ready for what was about to happen.

From the group’s latest newsletter:

On March 13th we loaded 8 thin, nervous, snotty nosed horses from the holding pen in Rio Rico and transported them to Westlake Cattle Growers where under the watchful eye of Gary Thrasher, DVM they underwent quarantine, vaccinations, and castration for the one stud colt.  A week later we transported them to our rescue where they continued to gain in health and body condition.    THEY SEEM SO HAPPY AND PEACEFUL!

It looks like 3 or 4 may be pregnant. The pony still has a young filly nursing.  ALL 8 (now 10) HORSES ARE BEAUTIFUL!

The Sonoita Creek Horses are young horses, ponies, and pregnant mares that are now on the path to a new life.


Horse’n Around Rescue Ranch and Foundation, Inc. is an Arizona Corporation with 501(c)(3) designation from the IRS located in Southeastern Arizona.  EIN:  27-1823705.  We are dedicated to raising money to support the equines.  We hope you will join our team of angels with a generous gift to make a better life for the equines.  The annual cost to maintaining these beautiful creatures varies from $800 to $2000 each depending upon their needs.  All funding is used to rescue equines, restore their health and wellness, and provide a nurturing and natural environment where “horses can be horses.”

More than 93 equines (saddle horses, drafts, ponies, mules, and donkeys) have been rescued from difficult circumstances and are living life in a pasture with room to roam.  These equines have ample and appropriate feed, unlimited fresh water, medical care, health maintenance, and lots of positive attention.  Some will be adopted into new homes and others will have a forever home at Horse’n Around.

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