Robot fired: Annoyed customers, confused people

Fortunately, there are no union protections for robots . . . yet.

In Scotland, a robot assistant at a supermarket received a pink slip after just one week on the job, according to the Daily Mail.

The ShopBot, also named “Fabio,” was developed by Heriot-Watt University with the function of giving customers “high fives, hugs and greetings of ‘hello gorgeous’.” However, in just a few days, Fabio became more “irritating” while confusing shoppers.

For example, when a customer asked where he could find a beer, Fabio gave the laziest answer in the English lexicon: “It’s in the alcohol section.”

That is indeed a fireable offense.

“Despite his best efforts, the background noise in the busy supermarket made it difficult for him to understand customers,” reports the Daily Mail.

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