Robotics pioneer proposes new religion where AI is God

A new religion has been founded:  The Way of the Future. Its purpose, in the words of its registration documents, is to “develop and promote the realization of a Godhead based on Artificial Intelligence.”  The messiah of this new religion is Anthony Levandowski, a key engineer of self-driving cars who is now in big legal trouble for stealing Google secrets on behalf of his employer, Uber.

Other technologists fear what artificial intelligence might become.  Elon Musk said, “With artificial intelligence we are summoning the demon.”  Levandowski is going to worship it as a God.

Or, rather, we human beings, through our technology, are going to create our own God.   Artificial intelligence is currently very limited, but the assumption is that it will keep developing until computers reach the “singularity.”  At that point, they will become more intelligent than human beings and will start acting on their own, for better or worse.  Levandowski’s deity does not yet exist, but it’s only a matter of time and ever-advancing technology.  Here is what John Brandon believes this AI God might be like:

In the next 25 years, AI will evolve to the point where it will know more on an intellectual level than any human. In the next 50 or 100 years, an AI might know more than the entire population of the planet put together. At that point, there are serious questions to ask about whether this AI — which could design and program additional AI programs all on its own, read data from an almost infinite number of data sources, and control almost every connected device on the planet — will somehow rise in status to become more like a god, something that can write its own bible and draw humans to worship it.

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