The best cities for a weekend getaway

London was named the top city in the world for a weekend getaway in a new report.

From Travel Pulse

With just 48 hours to have fun in any given weekend, choosing the right place for a quick escape can be critical.

The very definition of ‘the perfect weekend getaway’ likely varies based on many things, not the least of which is your demographic—including millennial, baby boomer or family traveler.

All of these factors were the basis for a recent study commissioned by weekenGo, a travel app focused on weekend breaks.

The study was designed to identify which of more than 1,000 cities around the world make the best choice for such a trip. To sort through that question, researchers considered factors such as traffic in a given city and availability of accommodations. The number of tourist attractions such as museums and galleries was also factored into the research, as was safety, equality and tolerance.

The research resulted in a ranking of the top 100 cities around the world to take a short vacation.

London, came in at the top of the heap. It was ranked first as a destination for millennials, boomers, and families. The city received top scores for its theater offerings, abundant museum options, and cultural events. London is also an extremely walkable city and offers much in the way of dining and accommodations.

Other cities at the top of the general travel list were Berlin, Vienna, Hamburg, Paris, Amsterdam, New York City; Munich, Barcelona and Madrid.

When sorted by demographic, however, the rankings change slightly.

The top 10 spots for millennial travel, according to the report, are Berlin, London, Amsterdam, Vienna, Paris, Toronto, Zurich, Dublin, Munich and Edinburg. The shift in rankings for millennials is largely tied to a heavier emphasis on social activities, bars and clubs in each destination.

As for family travelers seeking an international getaway, the top cities to escape to are Vienna, Amsterdam, Prague, Tokyo, Zurich and Hamburg.

And finally, the best choices for boomers include Zurich, Vienna, Hamburg, Edinburg, Prague, Singapore, Vancouver, Tokyo, Munich and London.

The detailed report provides a wealth of data regarding each city, including information about its city’s walkability, green spaces, music venues, dining, bars and more.

“Given the fact that we looked at over 1,000 cities worldwide, every destination that made it to this top 100 ranking ought to be on your weekend getaway bucket list.” Tobias Boese, co-founder and managing director of weekenGO, said in a statement. “Cities at the top of the ranking such as London, Paris and New York are iconic for a reason, but those cities at the bottom of the ranking such as Casablanca and Belgrade still have a great deal to offer for an unforgettable weekend trip.”



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