The Great Twitter Purge of 2017

From The Unz Review

Back in 2016, Twitter bannings mostly targeted Gamergaters who pissed off the Gamerghazi clique who have seized Twitter’s Orwellian-named “Trust & Safety Council,” as well as the occasional outright Neo-Nazi.

Now it seems to be extending beyond those groups to the entirety of the Alt Right, including the milquetoast Alt Lite, to NRx, and even the HBDsphere.

The past week has seen the following people banned from @jack’s playground:

(1) The philosopher Nick Land got banned for accelerating too damn hard. Pay my respects to Gnon, will you? (edit: He has since been unsuspended).

This was a particularly shocking development considering that his account has been consistently polite and non-aggressive and his ideology belongs to the milquetoast techno-commercialist, not ethnonationalist, wing of NRx.


(2) The entire core of #FrogTwitter, the irreverent band of archaeo-futurist cultural critics/trolls, for no discernible (non-political) reason. In particular:

@BronzeAgePerv, the nudist fascist bodybuilder who called to return to spirit of the Bronze Age, burn down the cities in fire, and deadlift our way to the Trumpenreich

He was recently featured in the Atlantic thanks to a trolling Moldbug.


He was evidently banned for terrifying the bugmen of Twitter with his excesses of unvarnished masculine energies.

@menaquinone4, author of the best tweet on the Internet.


also your basic income determined by the social justice quotient of your social media posts and shares

But his deconstruction of the Derp State made him too woke for Twitter, especially when his humiliation of McMullin was RTed by Ann Coulter:



Egg McMuffin didn’t like that.


(3) @kantbot2000, the guy who believed Trump will make German Idealism Great Again, seems to have been shoahed too.

(4) Master of the Shiv @ChateauEmissary, second time round.

(5) Gamergate icon @Sargon_of_Akkad banned (then unbanned) once again, again for no discernible reason.

In retrospect, looks like @jokeocracy was prescient – he, at least, went out with the dignity of a literary suicide bomber.

Anyhow, it looks more and more obvious that they’re working off a list.

A few weeks ago, an anonymous poster who claimed to be a Twitter insider claimed there is a list of 700+ accounts slated for liquidation, and posted the 250 most prominent of them at /pol/.

Although there is no way to way to check his authenticity, assembling this list (especially of the already purged accounts) would have required considerable effort, especially just for a /pol/ shitpost. And it is striking that ALL of the subjects of Twitter’s recent bans have are in his Black Book. One might be a coincidence, two is suspicious, 5+ is a targeted purge.

I compiled that pollack’s separate images into one big image list at the bottom of the post.

For now, I will highlight some of the more prominent, intelligent, and/or amusing accounts whose days are probably numbered. Accounts that will be familiar to many readers are bolded:

  • AnnCoulter herself (she is one of the 43 accounts that Trump follows, and incidentally, menaquinone4′s suspension was probably directly linked to her RT’ing his humiliation of Egg McMuffin).
  • Prison Planet
  • Cernovich (PRIORITY)
  • Gavin_McInnes
  • Sargon_of_Akkad (reverted)
  • StefanMolyneux
  • Ricky_Vaughn99 (banned)
  • RichardSpencer (reverted) – Unusual that he was let out, and even presented with a Verification badge.
  • ramzpaul (PRIORITY)
  • wesearchr (banned)
  • vdare (PRIORITY)
  • AmRenaissance (PRIORITY)
  • ReactionaryTree (banned)
  • TOOEdit (PRIORITY) – Kevin MacDonald. @occdissent is also on it.
  • Steve_Sailer – Julia Ioffe will have her revenge.
  • ChateauEmissary (banned) – For the second time.
  • WrathOfGnon – Really hope he keeps regular backups of his archives, this is arguably the best NRx account on Twitter.
  • altright_fanfic
  • BronzeAgePerv (PRIORITY) – Head of #frogtwitter, undisputed leader of the Alt Right, recently banned. Day of the Bronze Bull when?
  • kantbot2000 (PRIORITY) – Recently banned.
  • menaquinonone4 – Recently banned.
  • MatthewHeimbach (banned)
  • NathanDamigo (PRIORITY)
  • MillennialWoes (PRIORITY)
  • weimerica (PRIORITY)
  • hbdchick – Wow, just wow. Is RationalWiki also on the Twitter Trust & Safety Advisory Council?
  • henrydampier
  • Outsideness – Nick Land. Recently banned, unbanned.
  • DerbQOTD – Account that reposts Derbyshire’s content.
  • socialmattermag
  • Nick_B_Steves
  • HbdNrx (PRIORITY)

The million dollar question: Am I on the List?




Where To Go From Here?

As Nick Land points out, Twitter is now an “undisguised leftist ideological operation” and there really is very little point in relying on it any further, at least for those who dabble in crimethink no matter how seemingly minor.


  • Just log off and make blogging great again.
  • is the popular to go platform, and Nick Land suggests Alternatives to Twitter might be attractive now, but what happens if they become popular and draw corporate money? They would then be subject to the exact same forces propelling censorship on more established platforms.
  • Everybody in Russia is head over heels with Telegram. It was built by Pavel Durov, who is a serious crypto-anarchist, unlike @jack and Faceberg (Durov chose to give up control of Vkontakte instead of agreeing to cooperate with Russia’s intelligence services). If it’s good enough for ISIS recruiters, it’s probably a safe enough space for you.
  • Wait for Urbit?
  • Someone should create a social media/communications platform blockchain-based principles. This will probably be the only viable longterm solution as the Bilderbergers and Picus TV continue to extend their tentacles.

The List




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