The Swiss hotel with no walls, no roof, no room

Null Stern’s new wall-less hotel room opened in Appenzell, Switzerland. (photo via Flickr/Peter)

From Travel Pulse

Switzerland is fast becoming the Mecca of wall-less hotels.

The company behind last year’s viral outdoor accommodation in the Swiss Alps, Null Stern Hotels, has opened another property under the stars on Appenzell, Switzerland’s Gobsi summit.

Like the original, the new hotel features a queen bed, a pair of nightstands and sits several thousand feet above sea level.

The one-of-a-kind experience also comes with a television frame that guests’ personal butler uses to deliver the weather forecast, news headlines, local jokes and other information. The butler will also deliver room service and greet guests with a drink on arrival.

A bathroom is just a short walk away from the room.

The room opened earlier this month but won’t begin accepting reservations until next year. So far, Null Stern has received more than 1,300 reservation requests from travelers in the U.S., Australia, Iraq and Africa, among other places, according to Reuters.

Guests can expect to pay a little more than $300 a night and can also cancel their booking in the event of poor weather, which led to the cancellation of 37 of the 60 available nights at the original room during 2016.

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