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By Jay Baker / Personal Liberty Digest

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In Reality, a real loser!

A NSA operative leaving clues so obvious that Helen Keller could find them (and she’s dead) on the eve of James Comey’s testimony could be plausible, but I doubt it. The unreality of the Reality Winner story doesn’t meet the smell test.

The obvious loser (patsy) with the unfortunate name (Reality Winner) is a self-described “pretty, white and cute” girl who wanted to burn down the White House and move to Kurdistan. She was arrested almost immediately after The Intercept attempted to get the NSA to verify intelligence documents it claimed it received via postal mail.

Winner went to work for a NSA contractor in February and is accused of removing information from a Top Secret computer on a USB drive that has not yet been located, and mailing a classified report on a Russian military intelligence cyberattack in 2016.

A veteran of the USAF, Winner speaks Arabic and Farsi and was assigned to the NSA for four years at Fort Meade, Maryland. Reports indicate she became infatuated with Middle Eastern culture.

Like most pretty, white and cute girls, she was fascinated with posting selfies on social media taken in various stages of undress. She also liked to post about pretty, white and cute girl subjects like joining the Taliban; moving to Pakistan, Afghanistan, Nepal and Mexico; and praising Osama bin Laden. As a pretty, white and cute girl, she would certainly stand out in those places.

But unlike most pretty, white and cute girls, she had a top secret security clearance, which she kept despite her pro-Muslim, anti-Trump rants and threats to burn down the White House; which begs the question: What is the NSA doing with all those electronic communications it scarfs up?

Winner must have known she would eventually be caught. She even had a plan for her expected appearances before judges. She planned to braid her hair and cry, not considering, I guess, that her judge might be a straight woman immune to such wiles, rather than the creepy, dirty old white man the media and Hollywood had conditioned her to expect.

At any rate, for the time being she’ll be wearing orange – coincidently, that’s one of the pejoratives she used to describe Trump — if she gets an opportunity to take a selfie. And all the braiding of hair and crying in the world while wearing an orange jumpsuit likely won’t sway a judge.

But maybe if she decides to become a boy…

Climate refugees

Did you know there are already millions of people fleeing their homes to escape rising seas, drought, unprecedented hurricanes and tsunamis? We didn’t either.

But at a recent meeting of the American Association for the Advancement of Science, experts said there were, and that that’s only the beginning of what awaits us. We will soon see 50 million environmental refugees, mostly from Africa, Asia and Latin America, fleeing climate change-caused floods, disease and famine.

For perspective, that’s 50 times the number of Syrians that have swarmed Europe the last couple of years fleeing the war in their country that was started by the U.S. and its allies to depose Bashar Assad.

Writing in The Baltimore Sun, two supposed climate experts, John R. Wennersten and Denise Robbins, are taking the word “soon” to a whole new level. The two, who are peddling their book coincidentally titled, “Rising Tides: Climate Refugees in the 21st Century,” may be jumping the gun.

They write that even now, “the world is being forced to bear witness to the fact that millions are fleeing their homes owing to sea rise, desertification, drought, unprecedented hurricanes, tsunamis and war the topic is stubbornly resistant to the kinds of public amnesia so often in effect in the world theater of nations.”

There must be a vast conspiracy – and a good one at that — working to black out news of these extreme weather events. And where are those “millions” who are fleeing? That would make for good television.

And another question: Is Al Gore one of them?

Comey bar parties

In progressive redoubts like Washington, D.C., New York, Boston, San Francisco, Los Angeles and Houston, lefties and #NeverTrumpers staked themselves out in local pubs for James Comey watch parties last Thursday, hoping upon hope that the former FBI director would provide evidence of Trump doing… something. But most bars in flyover country saw no uptick in patrons.

From the mainstream media’s perspective “everyone” was watching the Comey show. But out in the hinterlands, where people actually work for a living, it wasn’t nearly as big a deal. So, no, “everyone” wasn’t watching.

Oh, it generated a lot of discussion on conservative talk radio. But in the end, it wasn’t the type of talk the left was hoping for.

At least the disappointed progressive lefties were in bars where they could drown their sorrows after watching Donald Trump beat them again.

Sorry, you’re gay, just admit it

The establishment loves to push propaganda on you under the guise of science, so when I saw there was a study in which supposedly straight men wanted to cuddle and kiss their best friends, it was obvious something was afoot.

A study published in the peer-reviewed “scientific” journal, Sex Roles: A Journal of Research, found that straight men in “bromances” often kiss and cuddle when behind closed doors.

Articles in Sex Roles, according to Wikipedia, “are written from a feminist perspective, and topics span gender role socialization, gendered perceptions and behaviors, gender stereotypes, body image, violence against women, gender issues in employment and work environments, sexual orientation and identity, and methodological issues in gender research.”

Which means there is nothing “scientific” about any of the articles published therein, as they contain an inherent bias toward the “feminist perspective,” which means man-loathing socialism. Feminists don’t want real men in society, believing instead that men should be just as female as they are; only without the associated parts… sometimes. So the article is just one more attempt to neuter men and normalize homosexuality.

For the study, researchers asked a series of questions of 30 British undergraduate sports students and learned that heterosexual men don’t let masculinity get in the way of forming close bonds. All but one of the men surveyed said they regularly engaged in “nonsexual physical intimacy,” such as kissing, cuddling and spooning with their best friend.

Researcher Adam White said participants described a “bromantic friend” as “someone who is literally there for you all the time” (which would be very strange indeed) and “will always be there to back you up if you need it.”

Even more interestingly, all but one of the men asked said that they regularly engaged in “non-sexual physical intimacy,” such as kissing, cuddling, and spooning with their best friend. So their research indicates there is at least one real man left in Great Britain.

“All but one of the men interviewed engaged in cuddling and spooning their bromances, and most had kissed their bromances,” said White. “They said things like: ‘You can lie in bed with your bromance, have a cuddle and just talk.’”

I’m sorry, but if you’re a man who spends time lying in bed with another man, cuddling, kissing and spooning, you’re gay. Not that there’s anything wrong with that.

Well there is but… to each his own.


Jay Baker has been editorial director of Personal Liberty® and The Bob Livingston Letter™ since 2008. He previously worked as a reporter and editor for several newspapers — including Alabama’s largest daily, The Birmingham News — and as editor of a business magazine. Jay also served stints as marketing and public relations director in the healthcare, banking and construction industries. This experience makes him especially adept at digging through the lies, doublespeak and folderol emanating from places of power.


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