Tucson City Council votes to approve westside landfill clean up & infrastructure improvements

By SoAzNewsX

The Tucson City Council voted to commit approximately $9 million worth of landfill remediation and infrastructure improvements to the west end of downtown. The package includes neighborhood upgrades and a partnership with Rio Nuevo to facilitate Caterpillar site improvements and invest in surrounding roadways.

The funding allocated will clean up and remediate 300,000 cubic yards of landfill across 8 acres of city owned land on the west bank of the Santa Cruz River. For decades the city used this area as a landfill, dumping tons of trash in the barrio. The contaminated land at the west end of the streetcar line has sat vacant ever since, inhibiting re-vegetation and cutting off the opportunity for development or improvements.

The scope of work also includes a partnership with Rio Nuevo to support Caterpillar site improvements and invest in the build out of historic Mission Lane. Authorization by Mayor & Council will bring more than $1 million worth of street repair, lighting, and pedestrian connections in Barrio Sin Nombre. Construction Sales Tax revenue and building permit fees from the Caterpillar development will be utilized to build access to the site along Avenida del Convento.

Action taken by Mayor & Council will set the stage for private investment in the area, as well as build out connections to the Tucson Origins Heritage Park and Mission Garden. These cultural assets tell the story of Tucson’s birthplace, and celebrate the many cultures that have called this valley home for the past 4,000 years. City voters approved several of these priorities as part of the original Rio Nuevo authorization in 1999.

“After many years of advocacy by residents, local stakeholders, and my office, I am happy to see the city taking responsibility for this landfill and addressing much needed neighborhood investment,” said Vice Mayor Regina Romero in a statement from her office. “I am thrilled to see this momentum continue to build. These improvements will serve as a catalyst for ongoing investment in the west end of downtown.”


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