Venezuelan soldiers loyal to the socialist regime get the gift of…

If you remain loyal to the tyrannical socialist regime in Venezuela, the kind-hearted government will reward your efforts. Now, soldiers can wipe their backsides, something the dirt poor populace is unable to do.

Bernie Sanders didn’t win the Democratic primary, but he did score a major endorsement from Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro, who called Sanders his “revolutionary friend.” We’ve gotten quite a glimpse of what life would look like under Sanders, and most think it looks like the “democratic socialist” dictatorship now strangling Venezuela.

Things have not been all that easy for anyone in the South American nation lately. Tensions in Venezuela are sky high and repression soldiers have had to deploy tear gas on citizens chanting for food. As a morale boost, it seems, some of those repression soldiers were rewarded with toilet paper and other personal items, and the award presentations were captured on film for posterity

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–From Freedom’s Phoenix

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