Where are the hottest cities in the US?

Some of the hottest temperatures on record have been recorded in Death Valley. (Photo by Janeen Christoff)

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If you are thinking it’s cold right now, you might want to plan a getaway to one of the hottest cities in the country. According to the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration, some cities are really feeling the burn and USA Today has compiled a list of these “hot” spots (all temps in Fahrenheit).

Lake Havasu City, Ariz., takes the top spot on the list with an average temperature of 94.6 degrees in the summer.

Needles, Calif., follows close behind with an average temperature of 94.1.

And right behind that is Bullhead City, Ariz., with an average summer temperature of 94 degrees.

Another Arizona town, Willow Beach, comes in at number four on the list, with an average temperature of 93.5 in the summer.

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And Phoenix, with an average summertime temperature of 93.1 degrees, gives Arizona four of the five hottest cities in the U.S.

Receiving an honorable mention is Death Valley, which is technically not a city, but still really hot. Its average temperature is several degrees higher than the hottest city — a whopping 99.4 degrees in the summer. It’s also known for being the lowest spot in North America, as well as the hottest.

For more cities that heat up in the summertime, read on here.



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