Wild Bill’s murderer hanged!

The man who shot Wild Bill Hickok, Jack McCall, is hanged on March 1, 1877

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March 1
1845- President Tyler signed a congressional resolution to annex the Republic of Texas.

1857- Henry A. Crabbe and a group of followers invade Mexico in an attempt to take over the state of Sonora.

1867– Nebraska became the 37th state.

1877- Yankton, Dakota Territory– Jack McCall, who shot Wild Bill Hickok from behind 2 August 1876, was hanged. After Wild Bill’s death Jack made up a story about how Wild Bill had killed his non-existent brother and was acquitted. Later in Laramie, Wyoming he began bragging about shooting Hickok and his phony defense. A deputy U.S. Marshal heard him and Jack was put on trial in a federal court in Dakota Territory and found guilty. He stood quaking on the scaffold, trembling and begging for someone to save him. The rope was placed around his neck and just before he fell through the trap to his death, McCall cried out: “Oh, God!” The body went into an unmarked grave.

1881- Santa Fe, New Mexico Territory- William Bonney, aka Billy the Kid, is placed in solitary confinement after authorities look under his mattress and finds he was trying to tunnel out of jail.


March 2
1836- Texas declared its independence from Mexico.

1861- US creates Dakota & Nevada territories out of the Nebraska & Utah territories.

1867- Savannah, Missouri – the James Younger Gang attempt to rob bank. The robbers aimed guns at bank president, Judge John McClain, who refused to turn over the vault keys. One bandit stepped forward and shot McClain in the chest. The bandits ran from the bank and rode quickly from the town. McClain survived.

1868- Forts Kearny, Reno, and C.F. Smith are abandoned by President Andrew Johnson as part of an agreement with Red Cloud for ceasing hostilities.

1870- Orders from military headquarters in St. Louis require all Kansas Pacific track-laying workers to arm themselves against Indian attacks.

1881- New Mexico Territory- William Bonney sends another letter to Governor Lew Wallace asking for a meeting.

1889- Arizona Territory- an Atlantic & Pacific train is robbed of its express box in Canyon Diablo.

Mount Rainier in 1925

1899- Washington– Mount Rainier National Park was established.

1890- Congress creates the territory of Oklahoma, comprising of the western half of the current state.

1987- Randolph Scott, silver screen actor (Ft Worth, Gung Ho, Jesse James), dies at 89.



March 3
1837- US president Andrew Jackson & Congress recognizes Republic of Texas

1849- Congress created the Minnesota Territory.

1855- Congress approves $30,000 to test camels for military use.

1857- Congress authorizes the postmaster general to seek bids for an overland stagecoach service to carry mail and passengers between the Missouri River and San Francisco.

1857- present day North Dakota- Fort Abercrombie is established on the west bank of the Red River south of where Fargo is now. It was named for the commander of the founding party, Lieutenant Colonel John J. Abercrombie.

Carson City Mint

1863– Congress authorizes a US mint at Carson City, Nevada.

1863- Idaho Territory is created by Congress. Over 20,000 miners had already arrived to the gold fields there. Its initial border was larger than the state of Texas.

1877- Arizona Territory- Camp Huachuca is established to protect the border.

1890- Rome, Italy- Buffalo Bill’s Wild West show entertains Pope Leo.

March 4
1868- current day Oklahoma- trailblazer John Chisholm, half-Cherokee and half- Scots, died before the entire route from southern Texas to Abilene became known as the Chisholm Trail. He died penniless from food poisoning.

1881- New Mexico Territory- William Bonney sends another letter to Governor Lew Wallace asking for a meeting.

1886- Laramie, Wyoming- the University of Wyoming is chartered.

March 5
1836– Samuel Colt manufactured the first pistol: a .34-caliber ‘Texas’ model.

1836- Illinois- Charles Goodnight, Texas Ranger and cattleman was born on the family farm in Macoupin County.

1876- Cheyenne, Wyoming- Wild Bill Hickok weds Agnes Lake, an old girlfriend and show rider.

1878- New Mexico Territory- Frank Baker, part Cherokee and member of the gang that killed John Tunstall, was captured with Billy Morton by Dick Brewer and his posse of 11 Tunstall men (including Billy the Kid). Baker was later killed enroute, possibly by Billy the Kid.

1879- New Mexico Territory- Governor Lew Wallace sends soldiers to arrest Jesse Evans, Bill Campbell and Billy Matthews at Murphy’s Fairview ranch. J.J. Dolan surrenders and is confined at Fort Stanton. Wallace announces a reward for William Bonney, hoping he will testify against Houston Chapman’s assailants.

1891- Phoenix, Arizona Territory- officials offer a $200 reward for any dead Indian.

1922- North Carolina- Annie Oakley (1860 – 1926) broke all existing records for women’s trap shooting. She smashed 98 out of 100 clay targets thrown at 16 yards while at a match at the Pinehurst Gun Club. She hit the first fifty, missed the 51st, then the 67th. This was a record-breaker, true; but Annie Oakley was well known throughout the United States and Europe for her expert shooting ability. In one day, ‘Little Sure Shot’ took a .22 rifle and hit 4,772 glass balls out of 5,000 tossed in the air. She could hit a playing card from 90 feet (the thin side facing her), puncturing it at least five times before it hit the ground. It was this display that named free tickets with holes punched in them, Annie Oakley’s.

1927- Texas- though the Goodnights had no children of their own, they often boarded college students, whom they hired to do secretarial work and other chores. They employed a woman as a housekeeper in 1905 and subsequently reared her son, Cleo Hubbard, as their own. After his wife’s death in April 1926, Goodnight fell seriously ill but was soon nursed back to health by Corinne Goodnight, a young nurse and telegraph operator from Butte, Montana, with whom he had been corresponding because of their mutual surnames. Charles Goodnight celebrated his ninety-first birthday by marrying twenty-six-year-old Corinne at the home of Mayor Henry W. Taylor, Goodnight’s nephew, in Clarendon.

1980- Woodland Hills California – Harold J. Smith, aka Jay Silverheels, died. He was born May 26, 1919 on the Six Nations Reserve, Brantford Ontario. He was a lacrosse player, boxer, and actor who played The Lone Ranger’s sidekick Tonto. In 1963 he founded the Indian Actors Workshop.

March 6
1836- after fighting for 13 days, Santa Anna and his 3,000 Mexicans soldiers beat 182 Texans at the Alamo.

1853- Englishman John Tunstall was born. John was the first victim of the Lincoln County War on February 1878- When the Billy the Kid heard that Richard M. “Dick” Brewer had been sworn in as a special constable to arrest Tunstall’s killers, he joined the group of “regulators,” being sworn in as a deputy. After several days of searching, on this date Brewer’s posse found a group of riders about six miles from the Rio Pecos. The band rode off, breaking up in small groups, with Brewer’s men in hot pursuit. The Kid raced after Morton and Baker, firing his six-gun and Winchester as he rode. He ran both men down after their horses collapsed and took them prisoner.

1866- St. Louis, Missouri- William F. Cody, AKA Buffalo Bill, married Louisa Frederici.

1868- Texas- 13 settlers are killed and 1 child captured by Indians at the headwaters of the Colorado River in Texas.

1869- Tucson, Arizona Territory- 20 soldiers from Camp Lowell go on a drinking binge, ride into town, and start shooting, wounding 1 civilian.

1878- New Mexico Territory- Former employees of the slain John Tunstall, now a posse called the “Regulators” led by Dick Brewer arrest William Morton and Frank Baker after a six-mile running fight. William Bonny, AKA Billy the Kid, suggests they kill the men on the spot but Dick Brewer says “no” and begins to take his prisoners to Lincoln.

Alfred Packer

1886- Colorado– Alfred Packer, whose murder conviction was reversed by the Supreme Court, was given a new trial on a lesser charge of manslaughter. His new attorney filed to have the case moved from Lake City saying that it was “impossible to find a single person who does not think Packer guilty. He had been originally charged with cannibalism.

1887- The Southern-Pacific announces a new one-way fare of $12 from Missouri to California. Price wars will drive the fare down to $1.


March 7
1847- U.S. General Winfield Scott occupies Vera Cruz, Mexico.

1862- Aubrey, Kansas – William Quantrill along with 40 men raided the village.

1877- Texas- 2 civilians are reported killed by Indians near Fort Davis.

1885- Kansas- to stop an epidemic of hoof-and-mouth disease the state legislature makes it illegal to drive Texas cattle between March 1 and December 1.

1911- the United States sent 20,000 troops to the Mexican border as a precaution in the wake of the Mexican Revolution.




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