Franzi’s Blog: Let’s talk plagiarism

franzi high school picBy Emil Franzi

Pla-gi-a-rist n. one who plagiarizes; a literary thief. Webster’s New Twentieth Century Dictionary, 1960.

The Arizona Daily Independent has been nailed on numerous occasions for running stories that were plagiarized  ie, stolen.

They’re easy to spot. They’re the ones that are mostly coherent.

When not stealing other people’s material, the ADI, an obscure internet blog,  is often publishing dirty personal smears about people with anonymous attributions and sources. That includes Supervisor Ray Carroll, Councilman Steve Kocacik, and my fellow talk show host Shaun McClusky. The excuse is those who are their sources “fear retribution” and cannot be named. Anyone claiming responsible journalism should catch that red flag immediately.

The question one must ask is not how many casual readers haven’t noticed the total lack of credibility this shabby and lying hate sheet spreads, but those who are supposedly legitimate news sources who continue to give it credibility. I specifically include in this both radio station KQTL and television station KVOA. Are you both so desperate for controversy that you‘ll follow up using a source that you’d discover has been discredited multiple times and in multiple places with about an hour of homework? Even the supermarket tabloids have a higher regard for the truth. Do you?

That this is a shabby little hate sheet should be obvious to anybody who pretends to be part of legitimate journalism.  Many conservatives beyond myself have attempted to warn the gullible about this including those well known in the movement such as Frank Antenori, Christine Bauserman, and Shaun McClusky.

The ADI “team” has no shame. They are currently critiquing Pima County’s PR shop for “lack of integrity”.

It’s time the rest of you in the local media got around to letting the public know how putrid this source really is. No, it won’t just go away. It needs to be exposed. That’s your job – and mine.

Hey gang, this stinks up the profession.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher  of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner, the host of the INSIDE TRACK radio program streamed live at every Saturday from 1-4pm MST, past recipient of two Arizona Press Club Awards for reporting, and the 2014 Lariat Award for VOICES OF THE WEST radio from the Western Writers of America. He uses his high school pic for this column because he can!




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