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As part of my role on the Board of Directors of the American Institute of Political Pathology, I occasionally tune in the J.T. Harris show for entertainment value. NOT.

With Harris, many of us have wondered if that’s just an act or is he really that stupid. Sloppy, lazy and, unable to grasp simple concepts , he’s incapable of anything approaching accuracy and can barely read copy or articles. He’s now trying to lie his way out of being nailed for actually REHEARSING with his favorite guest, Pima County Supervisor Ally Miller. Miller shares with Hillary not only illegally using e-mails but the definite need for a teleprompter. And that’s for radio.

I call the Harris show BLAZING SADDLES which he somehow finds complimentary. He needs  to check that great anti-racist film again. Listen closely. It’s the dumbs**t crackers who talk like they think black folks talk and sound like him. The black folks talk normal. So do all the other conservative blacks I can name like Thomas Sowell, Clarence Thomas, Walter Williams, Tim Scott, Ben Carson, Ken Blackwell and a dozen others. I wonder if Harris even knows who most of these people are – they clearly aren’t his role models.

Recently he and Miller squandered almost a half hour by discussing the stunning revelation that the agenda for the Pima County Board of Supervisors was set by the “evil” Chuckleberry proving once more his insidious and corrupt power to squander our tax dollars on his friends and cronies..

Hang on a bit, all you slacked jaw dumbos who reached once more for your pitchforks. Here’s how things work in the real world and even Pima County.

Most boards of directors, of everything big to small, hire administrators to compile their agendas. From Wayne LaPierre at the NRA office to the Empire Ranch Board I serve on, the administrator does that. They gather parts of the agenda from the individual members but earn their pay by bringing  board members additional items based on reports from their staff or from their own  observations. If they get too haughty of don’t respond to their real bosses, the members OR in this case the voters, they get canned or the board does at the next election. But – and I will now type real slow for some folks in Oro Valley – THEY WILL SIMPLY BE REPLACED BY ANOTHER ADMINISTRATOR WITH THE SAME ROLE.

That Miller and Harris apparenty have yet to grasp this after several years indicates a gigantic paucity in their respective observational powers

For those of you with three digit IQs I’ll expound a little further about why it’s that way at Pima and the other 14 Arizona counties.

Besides being a rather intelligent way to govern, please note that under the Arizona Open Meetings Law (a sad piece of crap the voters were dumb enough to buy many years ago) there is no way an elected supervisor including the chairman could communicate sufficiently with the rest of the board to HAVE an agenda beyond his own!

Duh. Get it now?

One more piece of glaring hypocrisy from the Harris/Miller/ADI clot

Caught a promo for the Harris show featuring Miller on 104.1. In the same time break there was a commercial for a local business which has also played on the Harris show. It’s from a local shop called ADULT EXPECTATIONS.

My libertarian side allows for a rather tolerant view of what gets printed, sold and censored. I have no desire to suppress content nor the ability of those promoting what some call perversions to advertise their wares even on the publically owned airwaves, but I’m disturbed by Miller and Harris sharing time with this particular business.

Bluntly put, it’s what we used to call “a dirty book store”. It has tons of videos broken into categories I will not tell you about here and I’m a reasonably raunchy guy. They have a variety of sex toys, devices, potions, etc., spread over several hundred square feet that challenge the imagination. Unlike their forebears who delivered this stuff in plain brown wrappers in a sleazy shop in the bad part of town, they’re a bright, clean – and large – establishment. Part of the progress Progressives have brought to us.

I know conservatives well enough that many would barf over much of what’s carried there and Harris and his station are helping sell. Conservatives and libertarians mostly understand  tolerance but fall short of the endorsement Harris does by carrying these ads and Miller does by appearing on a show that promotes porn. I suspect that like much else, she is so focused on herself that she hasn’t noticed and Harris could obviously care less.

This for all of you who support Miller. You might try letting her know that her appearance next to a porn shop is somewhere between bad taste and hypocrisy. And you who support Harris need to get off that kick because his fake conservatism is showing again.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner. And, yes, he is using his high school photo for his column photo. Get over it!



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