Letter to the Editor: Billionaire special-interests strong-arming GOP

I want to briefly comment about one of the many topics swirling around the political air today.  I am American.  I believe in personal responsibility and self-reliance. I believe in striving for excellence and putting one’s best foot forward.  Yet, it happens again and again—leeches steal public resources and my tax dollars. Despite growing up in a poor family, I put myself through college. Took the most rigorous science and mathematics courses available.

And now it’s happening again! Billionaire special-interests are strong-arming a once virtuous party to their bidding.  The mainstream media preaches about the excellence and aptitude of these men.  Yet, for all their professed talents, they rely on the big government’s tax-cuts to bloat their profits.  Why is it that we labor to grow our homesteads while these fat cats exploit our labor?  Shouldn’t such visionaries innovate, create new fields, and drive the future of the economy—not just siphon from it?  Our Congress of loaches is surrendering to this vile pillaging.  Call Senator McCain today.  Let him know that we will not stand for this tax scam. Only the true voice of the public can halt these moochers.  Our country was built on civil engagement.  It is our duty to fulfill these expectations.

Luis Oqundo
Tucson, AZ



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