Letter to the Editor: USFWS – Looking the other way about murder?

Well, it’s at least accurate to say that they’re not looking.  Not looking for the people who kill Wolves illegally.

That’s a fair and accurate conclusion.  Because a new study found that not only is poaching the main threat to the lives of Wolves, but also that poaching has been significantly underestimated up until now.  Underestimated by the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service.

And we can further accurately deduce that the USFWS just doesn’t care about finding Wolf poachers; the authors of this new study used the USFWS’ own data, applied a little effort and thinking, and concluded that “the government has been underestimating an illegal activity”; namely poaching of Wolves (http://faculty.nelson.wisc.edu/treves/pubs/Treves_etal_2017b.pdf).  If the USFWS cared, they wound have done that themselves.  Or, sent a horde of officers into those communities as a show of force that they do care.

It’s inarguable that the higher-ups at the USFWS don’t care about Wolves; not for a long time now.  And elsewhere.  Here in New Mexico, the higher-ups want Wolf pups taken from their Mommas, Fathers, Brothers, Sisters, Aunts and Uncles.  People deciding the fate of animals who have no regard for beauty or life itself.  I feel sorry for these people.

No regard for the beauty of nature and the value of life.  Apathetic about finding criminal Wolf poachers.  Taking Wolf pups from their families.  Blind to the Wolves’ beautiful fur and physique, their athleticism, intelligence, admirable family structure, endurance, playfulness, strength of will, toughness and their oh-so-magnificent spirit.  Each and every living, breathing Wolf.  Each Wolf truly superior to most humans.

What it must be like going through life, our physical existence, oblivious to such beauty and magnificence?  Apathetic to the value of life.  How shallow.

I wonder, do they appreciate Daisies?  Or Eagles?  Or Apple blossoms?  Or Rabbits?  Or Monarch Butterflies?  Or the fresh morning air?  Or the stars and sun and moon and oceans and clouds and rain?

It’s a shallow life ignoring all the beauty around us.  And a cold-blooded life trivializing the value of life.  Or family I might add.  It’s sad that there are humans like this.  And much more sad that people like this decide the fate of magnificent animals.

May God help them all.  Especially the Wolves.


David J. Forjan
Tularosa NM



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