Emil Franzi: Trump, TUSD, on-line gun sales & Morning Maroon Follies

franzi_high-school-picBy Emil Franzi

He’s back!


Well, as a whole lot of women have said, BFD. I have five women in my immediate family. Wife of 51 years, three daughters, one granddaughter. (mostly Rubio supporters). Two of them do not use foul language . The other three can outcuss me! You get to guess which ones.



“The rise of political correctness and consensus science dictated by an insider group of experts is part of a strategy started by Otto von Bismarck. He created an army of “experts” to intimidate and neutralize the middle class – the basic enemy of most politicians and the elite. Bourgeois work ethic, mores and family ties are evidence of the superficial poseur status of the elites, so the common folk must be controlled and demeaned.  Academics envy successful private physicians, social science or politicians in mandarin positions hate businessmen. The intellectual elites, writes Albert J. Nock, need to keep the classroom thing going so they can feel superior”.

John Dale Dunn, M.D., J.D., Brownwood Texas.


During the long chemo process, Kathy and I watched all of DOWNTON ABBEY. Observation. The Brit upper class were total prisoners of their culture. You really want to put on a tux just to get a friggin’ bowl of oatmeal? Now hold hat thought.

Great interview with Newton Frohlich, the man who proved that William Shakespeare was a pseudonym basically for the 17th Earl of Oxford – one of QE1’s favorite lovers. The first Earl of Oxford was William the Conqueror’s brother-in-law, yet even though his descendant was at the pinnacle of he ruling class he too was a prisoner of the customs of that ruling class which didn’t allow him to be a professional writer and certain other restrictions.

The Paul Ryan’s and Kelly Ayotte’s of the world aren’t stupid. They have probably lost their senate seats and enough house seats to the Payback they will get when abandoning Trump costs them the votes of enough Trumpeters responding to what they consider treachery.

What we need to grasp is even as former US Senators, they still have a spot reserved for them in the current minor nobility that they value more than holding a public office. They joined the elite, like the black leadership in places like Baltimore and Chicago. Being part of that elite is their key to the future for them and their families.

Try it simpler. Kinda like being made by the Mob.Transcends ideology.


The STAR’s Tim Steller just wrote the most surreal piece on TUSD. He babbled for a whole bunch of column inches with a page two headline without telling us there are seven candidates representing different views. In fact, he not only told us nothing about them but couldn’t even give us their names or remind us there’s an election. It’s almost like politics is just so icky that he can’t be bothered


Hillary Clinton thinks this is a big deal and the MSM is either as ignorant as she is when they claim you can buy guns on line w/o a background check.

Now read slowly dummies, this is how it works.

Charlie in Minnesota wants to sell a gun and Harvey in New Mexico wants to buy it. Charlie has to list the gun with a licensed dealer in his home state. Harvey has to have a dealer in his home state acquire the gun. In both states background checks are mandatory for both buyer and seller. Problem already solved.

Now will some of you get off your butts and send letters to editors and Facebooks and Tweets explaining this?


I’ve explained before why Chris de Simone continues to trash and lie about Supervisor Ray Carroll. He actually attacked Ray as “a bad Republican” for having the audacity to recruit a primary candidate against the loon Ally Miller, ignoring that Miller had already recruited Marla Closen to run against Ray! Chris also favored Marla, an even bigger nutcase than Ally, against Steve Christy. Chris, the hypocrisy is obvious to a five year old.

Reminds me of the old story of the Israeli fighter pilot captured by Hamas and taken to an old Roman arena where he is buried up to his neck and a lion turned loose upon him

The lion first sniffs him and then backs away, then turns and leaps onto his target. He overshoots and his testicles hang in the face of the pilot who bites them. The lion howls and runs off.

And the crowd stands and yells “fight fair Jew boy”!

That’s the crap a good man like Ray Carroll has to put with from a two bit shock jock.


Emil Franzi is the Editor-in-Chief/Publisher of the Southern Arizona News-Examiner. He uses his high school picture for this column because he can! Deal with it!



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